Scattered Thunderstorms Formed After Yesterday’s Heat, May Do Same Today

[This is our first in a series of creative writing shorts called Create Your Sunday. If you have an idea for a Create Your Sunday short, send it to us at Enjoy!]

Scattered thunderstorms formed Saturday evening throughout Lee County as the atmosphere adjusted to the setting sun. The energy from all of that beautiful sunlight caused air to rise and to carry with it water vapor, which, upon rising, cooled below the dew point. The water vapor then condensed into clouds filled with liquid water—rain droplets, whose motion and commotion, tumbling around in the clouds, rubbing back and forth together and against themselves and the air and dust, built up static charges, buzzing, growing… buzzing… sparK. SPARK. Arcs unleashed–are bolts of LIGHTNING hotter than the surface of the sun. At once, the sky rip’d, molecules slip’d—torn from one another—here or there—ENERGY— this awesome… HEAT! Tearing, SCREAMING outward, away they fly! Clanging, bumping, BANGING! ‘Til thunder CLAPS and FLASHES FILL THE SKY!!

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