Scenes from The Lee Players Variety Show @ Lee Theatre – 05/26/17

Excitement fills the room moments before the curtain rises on The Lee Players Variety Show!

PENNINGTON GAP – Our friends and neighbors in the Lee Players theater troupe delighted audiences gathered at the Lee Theatre in downtown Pennington Gap this past Friday and Saturday night as the troupe put on The Lee Players Variety Show. This show was tons of fun, and it featured something for everyone. Live music, vocal performances, and sketch comedy made up the show in a vein similar to the “Lee Haw” show of past years.

The Lee Players are Lee County’s own community theater troupe. It is made up of neighbors from all over the county, with lots of different talents. The Lee Players are always actively looking for new folks to join them. Why not YOU?

To get more information about The Lee Players, including about how to join, all you have to do is send an e-mail expressing your interest or listing your question(s). If you have always wanted to explore the world of the stage, this could be a great opportunity.

Enjoy this selection of photos from the show, and keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed look at The Lee Players right here in The Lee Daily Register—coming soon!

Claire Sage performed a powerful rendition of the National Anthem near the start of the show.
Lowell Williams gets some laughs as the stand-up M.C.
The Durango Kid says, “Reach for the Sky!”
Sheriff Parsons Elvis made a special, crowd-pleasing appearance singing his hit “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”.
Trouble with the “Harper Valley PTA”
Diva Couch lays on the drama in her lip-synch performance of Patsy Cline’s “Little Things”.
Mr. Hatmaker and Mr. Williams share a smile as they gear up for some classic standup.
A. J. Hatmaker is looking for laughs.
Don & Lowell Williams and A. J. Hatmaker nailed a classic Abbott & Costello bit.
Hunter Isley, Marci Doyle, and Elijah Pierce (R to L) were “Tina Turner & the Ikettes”
(L to R) Mary Lou Carter (bass), Rod Griffith (mandolin), and Jack Bonham (guitar and vocals) performed “Fraulein” and “Soldier’s Joy”. The also opened the show with Woody Guthrie’s famous folk hit “This Land Is Your Land” with the full cast providing vocals.
Richie Barker instructs Bill Sage while the other audience victims volunteers look on during the “Candy Store” skit.
The cast joined together and closed the show with a rousing group performance of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”

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