Democrats Choose Northam, Tight GOP Race Top Highlights from #VaPrimary

In an unexpectedly tight GOP race, Ed Gillespie eked out a victory Tuesday over challenger Corey Stewart in the Virginia Republican primary for governor. While Stewart may call for a recount, Gillespie earned 4,609 votes more than Stewart according to unofficial results published by the Virginia Department of Elections. A third GOP challenger, Frank Wagner, finished a distant third with only 13.75% of the vote according to the same published results.

The GOP race for lieutenant governor was also close, but margins were bigger than in the governor’s race. Jill Vogel and Bryce Reeves were the front-runners as results came in, and only 9,788 votes separated them at the end of the night. Glenn Davis, a third republican vying for the nomination finished with just over 17% of the vote.

A splintered GOP could be a good sign for democratic candidates Ralph Northam and Justin Fairfax, who emerged victorious last night in the races for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively. Northam enjoyed a commanding lead over rival Tom Perriello throughout the night. While the race for democratic lieutenant gubernatorial candidate was closer, Fairfax ended up with a better than 10-point lead over challenger Susan Platt.

Lee County voted somewhat different than the rest of the state. Lee County democrats favored Susan Platt approximately 3:2 over Justin Fairfax in the race for lieutenant governor, while Lee County republicans favored Corey Stewart about 2:1 over Ed Gillespie in the governor’s race.

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