Weather Update – Cindy’s Windy Weekend

This Afternoon— This afternoon, we are experiencing light to moderate rain showers and temperatures in the high 70’s. Winds are currently calm, and the relative humidity is 95%. New rainfall totals are expected to be around one-tenth to one-quarter inch, depending on location.

Tonight— Rain chances will remain at about 80% for tonight into early tomorrow morning. Isolated thunderstorms are possible that could become strong and usher in powerful winds suddenly. The low temperature will be somewhere around 66°F. Tonight’s rainfall will probably be between an additional one-third to three-quarters of an inch, except in areas that experience isolated storms and downpours.

Overall winds will remain around 5 miles per hour today, increasing to 10 mph tonight, and steady, southerly winds will intensify tomorrow.

——Special Statement——

Southerly winds will pick up later on as the remnant of Tropical Storm Cindy moves ashore from the Gulf of Mexico. Strong to severe storms could be spawned as the remnant of Cindy comes into contact with a slow-moving cold front in the Tennessee Valley. These storms, if spawned, could suddenly produce up to three inches of torrential rainfall and high winds. The resulting deluge could cause localized flash flooding, so be on the lookout and be prepared, especially if you will be in an area prone to flash flooding.

This risk of isolated, sudden, strong to severe storms exists through early Saturday.

The main risk tonight is high winds, but torrential rains will become a greater factor tomorrow night into early Saturday.

Tomorrow— Along with winds, the potential for severe weather overall increases tomorrow, when moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms will also become likely. Storms could become severe, and produce sudden downpours amounting to up to three inches of rain.

Skies will remain cloudy all day, and the overall rain chances are about 60%. The high temperature will be about 80°F. Southerly winds will dominate. Expect sustained winds between 10-15 miles per hour and gusts up to 20 miles per hour from time to time throughout the day. New rainfall totals should be somewhere between one-quarter to one-half inch, except in areas that experience isolated storms and downpours.

Tomorrow Night— Overnight tomorrow, rain chances increase to 90%, and strong to severe thunderstorms producing gusty winds and torrential rains remain a possibility. Overnight lows will be around 65°F, and winds should slow to around 5-10 miles per hour, overall.

Saturday— On Saturday, we will see highs just over 80°F and westerly winds between 5-10 miles per hour. Rain chances drop to around 30%; expect little to no new precipitation.

Saturday Night— Clouds will begin to break late Saturday into Saturday night, and the low will be about 57°F.

Sunday— Sunny skies will reappear Sunday with a few clouds here and there. Temperatures are expected to be a moderate 78°F.

Sunday Night into Next Week— Clouds will return Sunday night, and rain chances will begin to creep up again early next week. Overnight lows Sunday will be in the mid-50’s. Temperatures Monday and into next week should remain moderate in the mid-to-high 70’s.

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