Pennington Council Reappoints Officers, Committees

PENNINGTON GAP — The Pennington Gap Town Council convened Wednesday (28 June) for a public hearing and the annual organizational meeting. The public hearing was to discuss water and sewer rate adjustments for wholesale customers.

Mayor Holbrook called the public hearing to order at about 11:00 a.m. No one offered public comment, and the hearing was closed after a few minutes.

Council voted unanimously to reappoint the following officers.

Vice-Mayor: Gary McElyea
Town Attorney: Greg Edwards
Town Manager: Keith Harless
Chief of Police: Jacob Kilbourne
Treasurer/Deputy Clerk: Tina Rowe
Town Clerk/Deputy Treasurer: Angela O’Dell

The voted to transfer Brian Skidmore into the position of Assistant Town Manager from Fire Chief without a change in pay and to absorb the position of Fire Chief.

Mayor Holbrook made the following committee appointments,

Leeman Field – McElyea, Martin, Warner
Emergency Services – McElyea, Martin, Warner
Finance – all council
Personnel – Carson, Pope
Lee Theatre – Pope, McElyea
Beautification – Carson, Warner, Maggard

With no further discussion or reports, Council adjourned at about 12:30 p.m.

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