PSA Director, Board Discuss Progress

3b9241_415a3abf29584d2cb6af13d07d29ed16~mv2FLATWOODS — The Lee County Public Service Authority (PSA) discussed progress of several projects and other matters at their regular monthly meeting at Flatwoods Airport Conference Room Tuesday, June 27.

Project Updates:

PSA Director Tracy Puckett provided updates on a number of PSA projects.

A flow meter installation is scheduled for Elydale Pump Station.

The PSA has received $40k from LENOWISCO Planning District to fund the Eastern Lee Master Meter Project. Thirty-thousand dollars-worth of residential meters have already been installed, and the PSA will install the master meters as time permits. Puckett said the master meters will allow for better monitoring and accountability in this area.

On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, a pre-bid conference was held at the Lee County Airport for the Elydale Waterline Replacement Project. Several contractors attended to inquire about the project, and bids were opened the following week (June 21). Mainline Construction is the apparent low bidder at $443,488. Puckett asked the Board for a vote to award the contract to Mainline, which also did the work on the Baileytown Project. The Board voted unanimously to award the contract per Puckett’s request.

The Thompson Settlement Extension is complete and the PSA is currently waiting for the final funding drawdown from VDH to close out the project.

Mr. Puckett also reported completion of the Frog Level Extension Project. Additionally, the PSA submitted an acceptance letter in response to a VDH offer to fund Phase II of the Frog Level Project.

The Lane Group has begun working on preliminary plans and specifications for the Fields Project, which is also grant-funded.

A number of citizens attended the meeting seeking an update on the Isopod Road Project. Mr. Puckett said that the PSA will request funding in August to complete that project.

The PSA also submitted an acceptance letter to VDH to fund upgrades to the Blue Spring Water Treatment Plant.

PSA executed a notice of award to Mr. Pete Sumpter as contractor to build the new PSA office. The total cost of this project is $226k.

Mr. Puckett also advised the PSA Board that negotiations with the Town of Pennington Gap on wholesale water rates is ongoing, and that further details would be discussed in executive session.

Wastewater Maintenance:

Mr. Puckett reported that water and wastewater maintenance teams continue to work together to eliminate recurring inflow and infiltration problems in Rose Hill. Inflow is water that gets dumped into the sewer system through improper connections. Infiltration is groundwater that enters the sewer system through leaky pipes. This added water getting into the sanitary sewer is water that otherwise does not need to be treated, but when it gets into the sewer it becomes contaminated and goes to the sewage plant to be treated. This added water increases demand on the sewage plant and can cause overflow problems.

Maintenance crews also repaired a sewer leak in Ben Hur.

Puckett also reported that work continues on proposals for replacing Pump #1 in Dryden (near the theater building). This pump station is one of the few remaining units that has not been updated. Currently, only one pump is working at this station, and this has been the case for some time. Puckett also said that the station’s controls need repair, as well. The proposed cost to rebuild the pump is about $13.5k, and Puckett said that he is researching grant funds to rebuild it.

Water Maintenance:

PSA maintenance crews continue such services as work orders, disconnects, reconnects, new installations, meter reading, hydrant flushing, and hydrant repairs. Board Chairman Bill Carter reported that a Rose Hill customer had reached out to him regarding a hydrant that is not working. Mr. Puckett said that he would look into it.

Repairing water lines, including larger mains that take a lot of time, is one of the PSA’s maintenance crew’s biggest ongoing efforts.

Maintenance crews have also been working on data logging from residential meters. Puckett said that, as operations get back to normal after the fire, they are seeing less of a problem with these data. Puckett also advised that, while this process takes some time, it always confirms the usage is correct.

PSA Maintenance crews also continue to flush systems in order to enhance chlorine residuals and reduce chlorine byproducts. This is a program that we will continue as it has given the results to meet state criteria.

Repairs, Replacements, and Taps:

Over the past month, PSA crews have completed the following repairs and replacements.

Repaired five broken meter bottoms

Repaired or replaced 10 non-working meters

Repaired asphalt or stone in leak areas as needed

Repaired lawns in leak areas as needed

One new water tap in Eastern Lee and two new water taps in Keokee

No new sewer taps

No fire hydrant repairs

Replaced the raw water meter at the KVS Water Plant

Replaced 44’ of service tubing in Smyth and Miller’s Chapels.

Replaced 66’ of service tubing in Western Lee

Spraying tank sites and pump stations

Mowing and weed eating grass

Leak detection and isolation of problem areas

Water Leak Repairs:

Western Lee:

6 – ¾” service lines

1 – 2” water main

1 – 4” water man

Eastern Lee:

3 – ¾” service line Eastern Lee

Total Leaks Repaired: 11


Mr. Puckett reported that the PSA is currently working with the debit/credit, ACH, and online payments. The financial institution handling the electronic transfers has completed the file needed to work with PSA’s billing software. Puckett also said that these new payment methods have provided much easier access for PSA customers.

For more information about Lee County PSA, visit their website at

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