Netflix Release Dates 2021 – What’s coming up this year

Netflix never fails to disappoint viewers whether in a pandemic or normal life be its Netflix original series, Documentaries, Movies, Miniseries, or TV series. A lot of returning and series/ shows/ movies are aligned for the year 2021 and many unknowns are on the way.

Here is everything you need to know about the titles which are set to be premiered on Netflix:

Murder Among The Mormos

It’s a combination of detective story, artistic, thrill, and non-fiction cinema directed by Tyler Measom (with Joe Berlinger and Ryan O’Dowd as executive producers). The plot is based on three Bombings in Salt Lake in 1985 which leads to two death and one injury.  Mark Hoffman makes money by selling preserved documents of Mormons Church, in the third bombing Mark Hoffman gets a severe injury. To find out more watch a true investigation series on Netflix.

Pacific Rim: The Black  Season 1

Pacific Rim: The Black is the sequel of Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Japanese anime, the plot revolves around brother and sister Hayley and Taylor whose parents left them to complete the mission against Kaiju. However, their parents didn’t come back and it left Hayley and Taylor waiting. Meanwhile, the brother and sister duo finds underground training  Jaeger called Atlas Destroyer which they both activate in the pursuit to find their parents. 

Marriage or Mortgage Season 1 ( New Series)

The series is based on a couple who has an abundance of money who are in a dilemma whether they should spend money on a memorable wedding or invest in the house.

With an escalated amount of money spent on weddings these days, they get to tour wedding venues and houses around Nashville. After a lot of research, they finally decide where they will use their money.

Dealer ( New Series)

It’s a new french series starring Abdramane Diakité, Mohamed Boudouh, Sébastien Houbani, tension begins when two filmmakers invade an area of gangs to shoot a music video for a rapper. Filmmakers reveal the true face of drug dealers by using their hidden cameras. The Dealers series is said to be a massive sensation after, ‘Narcos’, ‘Money Heist’, ‘Dark’, ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, which were most loved by the audience.

This is a Robbery

The world’s biggest art heist, Netflix is going to air one of the biggest art heists in the world at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990. There is a 10 million dollar price to anyone who provides information of stolen painting which is worth half a billion dollars. The trailer of Robbery: The World’s Biggest art Heist has already aired on 11th March, releasing date is 7th April 2021. Watch on Netflix to find out the 

The innocent

The innocent is a supernatural, drama, and horror genre based on Edgar and Shamus Award winner Harlan Coben’s novel “The Innocent.” The series follows around Mateo, who killed a man accidentally during a fight for which repercussions led him to prison. The trailer is already out and the series is set to be released on 30th April 2021.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Season 3 is all set to come in May 2021 on Netflix. It’s an animated series that is popular amongst kids revolving around dinosaurs, the teens went to an adventure camp on an island where they found dinosaurs which created devastation and in order to survive they must stick to each other. Its second had dropped in January 2021 which left many questions unanswered. 

The Witcher

The season 2 series production was paused in March 2020 due to the global pandemic situation there is still no information when the witcher season 2 production will be resumed. The series summarises the story of Geralt of Rivia in the Witcher Saga who struggles to find a place in a world where people prove to be eviler and beast than monsters.

Never Have I Ever

 A new age comedy series showcasing the problems of modern generations which is created by  Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher and starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi, who is dealing with her father’s death. Netflix officially shared on Twitter: Never Have I Ever has been renewed for Season 2! But that’s not the only thing @ramakrishnannn wound up telling her co-stars… So, probably by the year, we might get the final dates of the release of season 2.


It’s an American sitcom produced by Kenya Barris. #blackAF season will drop after April 2021. A couple named  Kenya and Joya’s marriage is about to end, they try to solve the problems and overcome the challenges which they are facing as a couple. To work out their relationship they book a trip to Fiji which doesn’t go well. After watching an episode of Blackish Kenya realizes how much he loves his wife. As everything seems to be going well in season 1 anything is expected to happen in season 2.

Dark Desire

Netflix has confirmed the renewal of Dark Desire 2 which is the most-watched non English show.  Married Alma went to her Brenda Catilo house to spend the weekend which ended in a tragedy. Season 1 left on a cliffhanger as we still don’t know who murdered Brenda Catillo. The series is expected to release in mid-2021. 

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an idiosyncratic British television series created by Charlie Brooker. The show consists of an amalgamation of multiple genres like science fiction, dark comedy, satire, dystopia, and anthology. The central theme of the series is based upon present-day societies particularly demonstrating the unexpected outcomes and consequences of modern technologies.

The unique trait of this show is that the episodes are independent of each other. The series portrays an eccentric perception of reality altogether, which may come across as dark, experimental, and full of satire. As of now, there is no official news of Netflix releasing Season 6, there is hope that with the pandemic loosening its grip in late 2021 shooting may begin and we may get to see the next season in 2022. 

Narcos: Mexico

Narcos is one of the most-watched crime drama television series on Netflix. Based on the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar who once dominated the production and distribution of cocaine across the world, the story provides a detailed view of his meteoric rise from a normal person to a billionaire. The story of Pablo ends with his death in Season 2. The Cali cartel is the main focus in Season 3 and describes their rise to become the billionaire cocaine drug lords after the fall of Escobar. Narcos – Mexico focuses on the life of Mexico’s drug kingpin Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. As in every season, this season shows the drug lords rise and their constant tussle with the Drug Enforcement Agencies (DEA). 

Transformers Botbots

It’s a new animated comedy series on Netflix that follows around mischievous Transformer bot bots by day these bot bots hide behind the shelves and at night they jump from the shelves to a group of The Lost Botts goes to the security guard and put other botts in dangers. The release date is not confirmed yet but we can expect it by the 2021 year-end.

Stranger Things

It’s an American science fiction horror television story that has already aired 3 seasons and is set to release its 4th Season which was announced by Netflix in 2019. They have already released photos of Stranger Things Season 4 glimpse in which shoes upside down. As the eagerness of the show has already built up among viewers, they can’t wait to watch the series. The show revolves around a  boy named Will Byres who goes missing in the quest to find Will Byres; they had to confront supernatural forces in order to bring him back.

You Season 3

You Season 3,  a physiological thriller, drama, crime series which is set to air in 2021. The story is based on a novel written by Caroline Kepnes. The plot is based on Joe who is a store manager in New York who falls for a customer named Guinevere Beck ( aspiring writer). He goes to extreme measures to take attention from Beck, through his toxicity he even kills people who come in a way for him. 

Another Life

Another Life is science fiction and drama series on Netflix which revolves around astronaut Niko Breckinridge whose mission is to investigate the base of aliens who appeared on Earth. The crew makes enormous attempts in search of aliens’ intelligence but the horror terrifies them and they probably end their mission. The filming is already resumed and could air sometime in mid-2021 on Netflix.

Lost in Space

The third and final season of Lost in Space will arrive in 2021 on Netflix. Lost in Space is an American science fiction story. The plot is based on the future year 2044 alien species found on Earth after an asteroid hits the ground causing a catastrophic situation. The Robinson family is lost in an alien universe and they have to conquer an infinite challenge and fight hidden dangers. 


The devilish Lucifer Season 5 part two is expected to be released in 2021,  American fantasy show produced by Tom Kapinos which premiered on Fox in early 2016 is set to launch Lucifer’s final season which is said to be eight episodes long. It’s a live adaptation of DC comics’ eponymous character fallen angel. Season 6 is set to release in 2021 or 2022.

Ragnarok Season 2

Ragnarok is a tribute to Thor which a beloved character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe also known as ‘God of Thunder’. In March 2020 Netflix confirmed Season 2 production but sadly there is still no update on the release date. The series follows around a small fictional town called Edda in which people are concerned about climate change. Due to the melting of ice people are worried about drought as there is severe climate change happening people assume that they are moving towards Ragnarok. 

The Crown Season 5

The Crown is one of the most controversial and loved historical drama series about Queen Elizabeth II.  The television series written by Peter Morgan describes the historical events surrounding the life of the present-day UK monarch. From Queen’s marriage to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 to her troubled younger sister’s story, and the infamous marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, everything is presented in a dramatic fashion keeping the audience captivated. Season 5 and 6 have been officially confirmed by Netflix will cover the story of the queen in the 21st century. 

Netflix , Netflix Release Dates 2021

Spotify Untold

Netflix has created a new series on Spotify’s journey which adapted from the book ‘Spotify Untold’ which describes the journey of a Swedish startup that became worldwide popular for music/podcast streaming services, founded in 2006 by Daik Ek and Martin Lorenzo. It is a limited series that will premiere on Netflix in 2021.

Money Heist Season 5

If you have not heard of the famous heist crime thriller series Money Heist, you are living on a different planet. The Netflix original series La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist is one of the most tops watched shows on Netflix with a whopping 85 million views. Curated by Alexa Pina, the story revolves around meticulously planned heists that are executed with perfection under their leader famously called The Professor. The story is filled with suspense and nail-biting climaxes in every season. Season 5 is being long-awaited by the fans and some pictures of the shooting have already surfaced online on social media platforms. It seems like Netflix might release the final season in the late half of 2021.   

Black Summer Season 2

It’s a zombie thriller show created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams which is set to return its season 2 on Netflix in 2021. The story revolves around the darkest day of the Zombie apocalypse, a mother on a quest to find her laughter and loved ones join a group of strangers. There has been no official date unannounced for the release of Black Summer Season 2 but yes indeed shooting has begun and expected to be aired in summer 2021.

Final Words:

We have mentioned more than 20 web series which are most awaited on Netflix in 2021. Hope you like the information provided and stay tuned with us for the latest news about these web series as we will be keeping you updated with their trailers, launch date and many more update regarding all the web series. Don’t forget to leave your comment if you have any questions or recommendations. We will be happy to reply.

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