Euphoria Season 2 Begins Production with 2 New Cast

After. Winning The Primetime Emmy Award and satellite award last year for the best actress in a Drama series, Zendaya was over the held as anyone in her shoes would be.

Just like her, every other cast member was looking forward to the production of a new season in early 2020. However that plan to shoot for 8 new episodes was quickly postponed till early 2021.

All thanks to the covid-19 situation all over the globe.

Ever since then, fans were left wondering about the news on Euphoria season 2.

Now that the year 2021 is underway, I’ve all the answers to your question related to Euphoria season 2.

When will Euphoria Season 2 Will Release?

Even when Euphoria season 1 was not completed airing, HBO renewed the series for season 2 way back in July 2019.

That actually shows the fan base of the Euphoria TV series.

Now 3 months are already passed in 2021 and the 4th one is underway.

What’s the situation with the production of Euphoria Season 2?

Well after the huge success of season 1, the next season was slated to start in 2020, but because of covid-19 restrictions,

The production keeps getting delayed again and again.

Last year in September, HBO’s president Casey Bloys Confirmed that production of euphoria season 2 will commence sometime in the beginning of 2021.

Then fast forward to 2021, a backstage job listing confirmed the production Starting on April 5.

Now, that everything is back on track, you can expect Euphoria season 2 to premiere sometime, by the end of 2021, or early 2022.

I know that’s too much time to ask but to make sure the fans do not miss out on anything, HBO released 2 special episodes. One in December 2020 and the other in January 2020. Thereby making the total episode count telly to 10.

HBO is doing its best in between a worldwide pandemic.

Besides in the meanwhile, you can also watch the two episodes on HBO. Even though, the two episodes were shot with very limited cast members. The two episodes did reveal the aftermath of the Season 1 finale.

Now that we know what happened to Rue and Julius, It would be interesting to see how season 2 goes from there.

Euphoria Season 2 New Cast Additions

As I said above Backstreet announced that the production team of euphoria was looking for two roles.

One for the main lead and the other for a recurring role in Euphoria season 2.

The casting call was published on Backstage in Feb 2021 and now it’s already April, I believe the shooting of Euphoria season 2 has kicked away with new cast members in Los Angeles.

Apart from these two new additions, the rest of the cast is the same as there are no major changes in the existing cast members.

Final Thoughts

After the airing of two special episodes, the upcoming season of euphoria is already on the Hype train. Everyone wants to what will happen in the next season.

But no one knows exactly what will go underway. They are all just fan theories running wild on Reddit or Euphoria-specific forums.

Although, there is one thing that is 100% Confirmed. Just like the previous season, Euphoria season 2 will have everything from its…





…that made it one of the classical TV series released in a while.

That is all for now. What are you expecting to see in the new season of the Euphoria TV series?

Do share your theories with me in the comments section given below.

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