Wheel of Fortune contestant wins a new house — in Margaritaville.

A Sixth-grade teacher, Laura Trammell from the mission Viejo, became the first contestant ever who won the bonus round of wheel of fortune to achieve a victory as a brand new house. Tuesday night, She created a history in the world of the wheel of fortune.

With the partnership of Minto and latitude, Margaritaville, wheel of fortune, arranged a giveaway “home sweet home” week, which is running from 26 April to 30 April. Moving forward in the bonus round, Laura Trammell had already achieved $23,690 as a prize. Along with this, she had won a trip to the tropical island of St.thomas.

While in the bonus round, after completing the phrase as a puzzle,” I caught a glimpse,” Laura found out her winning prize, a brand new house. Because this week, they added a home envelope in a bonus wheel, which means there is a chance to win a home valued at 375,000 dollars.

After getting a home envelope during her spin,firstly she felt speechless and later told host pat sajak,i’m still in shock,i am beyond excited.and i even can’t believe that it just happened.meanwhile,fan of wheel of fortune on social media were also surprised and speechless about this historic win and congratulate her on twitter

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 You can also watch a moment when she won and found that the winning prize is home.

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