IMDb TV: Will it Win Free Streaming Wars? (Complete News)

In the streaming War, IMDB TV has become one of the hottest things going on right now.

Owned by Amazon, it is battling it out with competitors as a free streaming platform.

When already established online platforms like Tubi, Roku channel are offering free video streaming services, IMDB TV is all set to give a tough competition to each one of them.

That’s why it has declared that they will win the free streaming Wars.

IMDb TV: Amazon on Winning the Free Streaming Wars

The biggest advantage it has over its competitor is that It is backed by Amazon.

And Amazon has the deep pockets to make it a #1 ad-supported streaming platform.

Ever since IMDb TV was officially announced in January 2019, Amazon has signed many deals exclusively for the streaming platform with Sony pictures entertainment, Warner Bros, and MGM Studios.

Then one year later, in Feb 2020, with the idea of developing original programs for IMDB TV, its content team was merged with Amazon Studios.

Why is Amazon investing so much in IMDb TV Originals When it already has Prime video?

That is a genuine question many users are asking.

Why Amazon has introduced a free streaming service when they have everything covered for them.

Amazon has an already established paid streaming service that is going pretty well and is competing with Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

When asked about the same, IMDB TV Co-head of programming connected that the Amazon Prime subscription comes with prime videos, free shipping, and other benefits.

But if a user does not want to purchase any subscription plan?

Well, in that case, they can watch free streaming content with ads in the form of IMDB TV.

In the end, Amazon wants to retain the largest user base. Be it free or premium.

P.S. Sad thing is IMDB TV is only available to operate in the US.

Available Third-Party Content

Within the first year of its release, it signed multiple deals, and one of them was the biggest single licensing deal to stream Chicago fire on its streaming platform every week.

Then next year, in Feb 2020, IMDB picked up the rights of more than 20 scripted TV titles.

In June 2020, IMDB TV started streaming Star Trek films, and from July 15, 2020, It started airing 92 episodes of the popular AMC series Mad Men.

Original Programming

Alex Rider’s drama series and top-class docuseries have already been released on IMD. IMDB TV has even renewed it for the second season.

Currently, only two originals are released, but many are still pending and are scheduled to release in this year. These are some original programming that will release this year.

  • Leverage: Redemption.
  • Moment of truth
  • Spring High School
  • Luke Bryan: My dirt road diary
  • Bug out.
  • Bright Young things.
  • The Fed.
  • Loteria.
  • Clean slate.
  • Primeo
  • Greek candy.
  • Blessed and Highly Favored.
  • The Pradeep’s of Pittsburgh.

IMDb TV, IMDb-TV-Will-it-Win-Free-Streaming-Wars

Final Thoughts

There is not a single bone in my body that says itwill not beat its rivals in the freemium segment.

Now that it has started working on original programs, it would be tough for the likes of…

✅Roku Channel


…to stay in the competition.

That is all for now.

If you have got any questions for me regarding it, then do let me know about it in the comment section below.