Demeo VR Game Launch Latest Expansion Successfully Launches Trailer (Updated)

There comes a new successfully launched trailer of Demeo VR games. The team is responsible for building the freshly invented Demeo virtual reality game, and the most advanced addition launched fresh. 

It is a tremendous success that In just the first 48-hour after the game development, Demeo has already created half a million revenues in just 48 hours since the game development. This is a massive success in just a few hours after launching the game.

Demeo VR Game Characters

The game’s main characters are the deadly-accurate hunter, the stealthy assassin, the powerful and wise sorcerer, and the guardian, aka the “tank.” Skirmish style allows you to command three characters on your own, allotting you complete power over your team for these seeming to go it solo. 

Such holding told, I extremely suggest you all playing the game with others, whether you link up with compatriots by joining a particular room or practicing the “quick play mode” to match casual players.

Planing with your team is undoubtedly one of the most delightful parts of Demeo, so don’t limit your exposure by performing solo. For case, defeated players can be plucked up by others within a set duration before being permanently killed, so you may require to think about holding mutually as a team. 

Unless you’ll be under a teammate till the next round, starting your experience all the extra challenging.

Demeo VR Game Can Be Played On

  • Oculus Quest 
  • Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Valve Index
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Traditional PC version coming soon.

Demeo VR Game Trailer

The trailer starts as you all demand any heroic dungeon experience to create. A fighter plans to tackle a corridor full of rivals as a booming voice comes over and reveals his every movement, but he is immediately obstructed by the support of his crowd, asking him to catch his turn.

The camera rushes out to show four avatars being round a squared table with a game board fixed up on top. This table itself? Placed in a room that parallels a basement, everything of tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons befalls.

You can watch the trailer here:

Demeo VR game GamePlay

Motivated by traditional flight role-playing games, Demeo performs its complete enough to replace the nostalgia of 90’s top table gaming while at the very same time developing the focus on gameplay life with heart overtaking special effects, graphic character animations, and many other improvements that would be unlikely to recreate in a real-world setting. 

The effect is a captivating collaborative adventure that’s fun which is going to take your heart. The whole play takes position in an old-school basement filled with several artifacts of a bygone era, of excellent network devices to fake movie advertisements. Found at the center of the basement is the unique game board.

 It is hereabouts that you and three of your compatriots will start on profound experiences through antique graves crowded with monsters of all forms and sizes. 

Hopefully, every player comes provided with their unique personal set of abilities to keep them active in the battleground.

Whether it be traveling to open a door or starting an attack, each move you take values one action point, with every player given only two duration per turn, this means you need to think more thoroughly about every action you take; one unwarranted move can spell the end of the game.

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Final Words

It is all about Demeo VR games that you must know. When we get some further news regarding the upcoming trailers or updates regarding this game, we will inform you positively. 

What do you think regarding the trailer of Demeo VR games? Please tell us in the comments below! Thank you for your time! Stay tuned with us for such latest news!

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