Google Pay updates: Now Send Money From The U.S. to India and Singapore

Google Pay updates

There is a big announcement for the Google Play users Know Google as announced on Tuesday that users in the U.S. will presently be able to send money to India and Singapore. Google pay, as always, thinks about their users and their needs before this update. The abroad users were facing many problems to send or receive money from their client. 

There was only a single option of using PayPal to send or receive money, but now from this new update of Google, it will be easy for google pay users.

The company has drawn up the money directions firms in feature to the wise and Western Union, combining many of the platforms toward the Google Pay app. the users have the choice that they can choose among Wise or Western Union to transfer their money outside. Google will also catch a meager part of the cross-check transactions made with this app.

Last year in the U.S, the new version of this app was launched by google pay, commanding a level in banking services, including checking accounts of moneylenders similar to Citi plus bonuses and also budgeting penetrations.

Google Pay is one of the several substantial-tech firms launching more rooted in the financial world. Apple launched its credit card within the business with Goldman Sachs in 2019. and Facebook is also performing different movements in digital currency plus payment methods.

The payment peculiarity currently provides just Google Pay U.S. to send money to India and Singapore also non the additional way throughout. 

In a research of the World Bank, 2019 India was the most comprehensive receiving country concerning payments from the U.S, earning more extra than $80 billion in the year 2019. at the same time, The U.S was the most extravagant sender. Ultimately, Google plans to invest sufficiently in all border cross payments worldwide.

In a conversation with CNBC, the director of Google Pay in product management, “josh Woodward” said, “We’re not thinking of displaying a bank or a payment provider,” We operate beside the ecosystem that previously survives to develop specific outcomes.

Moreover, in COVID, several peoples have rediscovered throughout the world, plus we needed to converge on how we can improve promote certain payments.

According to a report, Google’s freshest financial services command sees it begin the tremendous enclosures market. The World Bank calculates that payments into low-income and middle-income nations lived worth $508 billion in 2020. That’s under 7% of 2019, a reduction in banks attached to the Covid pandemic’s bearing on departure.

Google Pay updates, Google Pay
Google Pay updates

Wise fintech firm the London-based was originated in 2011 to offer international money transfers more affordable and extra convenient. Western Union continues a market head in payments by an expansive global chain of environmental locations.

There is a massive success for Wise. A fintech firm, London-based, already recognized as wish transfer, is constantly exchanging its policies being served over banks similar to France’s band BPCE, Britain’s Monzo, including Germany’s N26.

Google Pay New Feature Will Provide

  • Now send gifts and payments to your family and friends or receive payments from your client abroad using google pay. It is one of the manageable steps that google pay allows their users in regular life actives. 
  • Transfer money abroad. First, the user has to search the google pay user from whom they wish to send money. 
  • When the user finds the contact, the user will tap to the contact and then tap to the payment option to send the amount.
  • Google Pay will also give an alternative to pick unless Western Union either Wise. The users have to understand all the steps to perform the secure payment by google pay.

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