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Bill Maher Test Corona Positive ‘Fully Vaccinated’ (Updated News)

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Bill Maher is an American famous comic, TV host, civic author, writer, and composer. The forthcoming Friday taping of the program “Real Time with Bill Maher” has been dropped as the show’s comic has tested positive for Corona Virus.

Bill Maher tested positive “throughout weekly team PCR team having COVID,” the show’s Twitter director drafted, “He is completely vaccinated and, as a consequence, is asymptomatic and seems well now.”

The show told no other cast or team members had tested positive and that the play will be reprogrammed “at the next time.” “Real-Time creation has got every care and supporting Corona Virus CDC rules,” HBO said in an announcement to The Hollywood Reporter.

 “No other actor has tested positive at this point. The program will be reprogrammed at the next time.” Maher, 65, felt what experts have begun to call an “invention case,” in which a wholly vaccinated body gets down with Corona Virus. The sensation is rare.

Since mid-April, just 5,800 Americans had got Corona Virus after being completely vaccinated, the CDC stated.

HBO Cancelled Friday Episode Of Talk Show

Popular comic and TV host Bill Maher has suffered from COVID-19, canceling a forthcoming installment of his HBO talk program. 

In a narrative posted on the verified Twitter title of Maher’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” play on Thursday, HBO told the 65-year-old manager is “completely vaccinated” and “asymptomatic.”

“The Friday, May 14th casting of “Real Time with Bill Maher” has been postponed. Bill has Corona Virus through regular team PCR having COVID. He is completely vaccinated and as a conclusion is asymptomatic and everything seems good,” the report stated.

“‘Real-Time” creation has used every regard told by CDC recommendation. No additional cast members have Coronavirus at this point. The play will be reprogrammed and postponed,” it continued.

Maher further drafted on his actual Twitter account, stating that he feels “great” at the time.

“Thanks to all wishing me to get fit – difficult to do since I feel excellent, but I enjoy it! “Most confused regarding completing my streak going back to 1993 of never dropping a ”Politically Wrong” or ”Real-Time” chapter. Oh well, also Cal Ripken had to relax one out at any time,” he posted on his Twitter account.

“Real Time with Bill Maher,” which is presently in its 19th installment on HBO, was the primary program to get back a little live public in September 2020.

Final Words

It is all about famous comedian Bill Maher. He tested positive for Corona Virus on May 14th, 2021. Because of this, HBO canceled the Friday talk show. If you have any questions, then post in the comments section. Please stay connected with us for such trendy and latest updates!

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