Songwriter J. Wright Arrested For Allegedly Killing Girlfriend

A piece of bid news for music lovers Multi staging J. Wright by perfection. A songwriter has been detained on murder invasions this Monday concerning alleged aid in murdering a woman in Davenport, Iowa. 

Davenport, Proceeding Sunday, Iowa police spotted a young 20-year-old girl named Wilanna Bibbs dead after returning to a disruption in the house. 

The young girl Bibbs was basically from Durham, North Carolina, also has held Wright’s lover on her death. The songwriter Justin Wright was arrested and accused of first-degree annihilation. Cash was the only chain that was set on Monday at $500,000. 

The very famous musician wright requested to court for having an appointed lawyer, demonstrating that existing in resorts throughout the COVID pandemic lived him shattered. “I’m not performing anything correct now,” Wright said. “he disclosed that all her belongings were held threaten in November.”

He established his Camp Entertainment Worldwide business while 2011. He has recorded and wrote many songs like the likes of hip hop heavyweights Future, hip hop song 21 Savage, Timbaland, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, Bow Wow, and many more like this. 

Within his performance by Camp Entertainment Worldwide, He has accomplished the multi-platinum status of a famous songwriter.

According to the community Talk statement, a family person declares that there was a close connection linking Wright and Bibbs existed, including emotional damage. 

It was revealed that They were dating each other, plus Justin handled & commanded on her. She was attempting and trying hard to move on. Her family members disclosed this truth to everyone.

There was a comment below of J. Wight’s Instagram post. People addressed: “You caught her on Iowa, and after that murdered her on Mother’s Day, Bibbs mother said that you frightened to killed my girl also a several ago while ATL. 

You convinced & handled my kinswoman also mediated to apply her upon us. I hesitate. that She loved you. I pause the ever movement.”

4 Artists Who Stabbed Someone

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Subsequent to long midnight after coming from a club, the musician plus sidekick Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley resolved to run to a water storehouse on Dec. 8, 1984. Neil continued running drunk, plus dropped command of the vehicle. 

He crashed a crisis with a different car, hitting Dingley moreover harming a couple of people in the opposite vehicle.

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Songwriter J
Songwriter J

Final Words

It is all regarding songwriter J. Wright arrested for allegedly killing girlfriend that you must know. When we receive some more news about the upcoming information on this murder case, then we will positively inform you. What do you think about this news headline? Please tell us in the comments below! Thank you for your time! Stay tuned with us for such trendy news!

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