Don Lemon Says ‘Changes Are Coming’ After Revealing End of ‘CNN Tonight.’

Donald Carlton Lemon is an American TV reporter. Lemon is described as a weekly news commentator for WBRC in Birmingham.

Additionally, he was a newscaster and investigative journalist for KTVI in St. Louis, Missouri. Lemon proclaimed for NBC News’s New York City regulations, involving serving as a writer for both Today and NBC Nightly News; and being a commentator on Weekend Today and shows on MSNBC. 

In 2003, he started serving at NBC-owned and advanced TV WMAQ-TV and was a journalist and social news co-reporter. He got three Emmys for political journalism while at WMAQ. Don Lemon, after announcing the end of ‘CNN Tonight,’ says that changes are coming.

Don Lemon States’ Changes Are Coming’ Latest News

CNN Tonight commentator Don Lemon explains a mysterious on-air declaration that indicated his security at the news channels was getting to an end.

After Friday’s show, Lemon assigned social media into hyperdrive when he told spectators, “It is the ultimate night [of] CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” continuing, “It’s been excellent. I enjoy all the years of CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, but innovations are coming, and I will fulfill you in.”

Fewer than 30 minutes following, Lemon posted a little video on Twitter to arrange the experience. “Everybody soothes down,” he stated. “I didn’t tell I was dropping CNN. I was only told it was the end of an age for CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. I am not leaving CNN.”

He then asked spectators to “tune in” to CNN “Monday at 10 o’clock” to define how the cliffhanger performs out. “That’s it,” he decided. “So be calm; I’m not going from CNN.”


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Final Words

Don Lemon said that CNN Tonight has come to its end means its finale will be reached. So, fans are thinking that Don Lemon is leaving CNN. But Don Lemon posted a new short video and revealed that I am not leaving CNN. Only some changes are coming. I hope you find this post helpful. Now, it’s time to end the post. Stay tuned with us for such trendy news!


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