Is Ryan Guzman Actually Leaving 9-1-1?

Ryan Anthony Guzman is an American artist and a previous model, recognized for his performance as Sean Asa in the Step Up film show. Before performing, Guzman was a photograph and financial model with Look Model Agency. 

He started auditioning for starring characters and settled a leading role in Step Up Revolution, and having no legal education in dancing and Step Up: All In. His initial role as a show routine was Carlos Gutierrez in Heroes Reborn. In 2018 he entered the 9-1-1 season 2 as a leading character, performing “Eddie” Diaz.

Ryan Guzman Latest Update

Enthusiasts of the Fox animation comedy “9-1-1” have one puzzle and one question entirely, after observing how the May 17 installment of the series went down, placed bluntly, is Eddie Diaz dead, or not?

It’s the sort of mystery for enthusiasts. We are bound to question when an actor is shot onscreen by a sniper and split in a fierce heap, after all. Seeing Diaz’s co-artists at the 118 scramble to protect him, to fall low, additional supplements to the moment’s stress, and just puts more questions regarding what, indeed, will happen next. 

Happily for those dedicated to the series, the chapter in which this happened was not the season end, so we should all receive some evidence regarding whether or not Diaz dies next week. 

Hence, what if you don’t need to pause? And if Diaz does expire, does that indicate that Guzman is left for welfare? Could there be some candid views scoop that would make it obvious, one form or the other? 

For presently, we’ll have to invite it a draw. At the time, there’s no particular indication Guzman is leaving the series, but the absence of a public report on the topic is no evidence of whether or not Diaz is alive. 

For presently, there is only one question that we can verify for enthusiasts of the series, and that’s the fact that both Guzman and Eddie are surely in the show for the upcoming chapter, named “Survivors.” Does this name bode properly for the cast? Maybe.

Meantime, the cast is mainly keeping information regarding Eddie’s endurance or loss thereof under covers. Artist Peter Krause, who represents Bobby on the series, was reputably mum when questioned regarding the matter in a postmortem discussion by TV Insider.

“I can’t tell,” Krause stated when asked regarding Eddie’s durability by the TV Insider journalist. “But I can tell that the last episode is action loaded and that the sniper is not closed before he causes more injury.”

In a promo teaser published by Fox, Diaz is broad-eyed, seeming completely dead, as someone frantically opens his shirt. Meantime, his kid Christopher is recommended by Buck that “(His) father is not coming homeward later.” 

The implication here is pretty honest, but given how announcements go, it could both be a wrong way or a hint as to what’s forward. There’s no telling. 

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Final Words

It is all about Ryan Guzman updated news. There is no sign about Ryan Guzman leaving the 9-1-1 show or not. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned with us for further updates!


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