Can Uncharted 5 exist without Nathan Drake?

Here, you can know about rumors, possibilities of Nathan Drake in Uncharted 5, and updates.

Uncharted, an action and adventure game was first ever launched in 2007 “Drake’s Fortune” and led up to 2017 “The Lost Legacy”. A story has come to an end in Uncharted 4, and now the followers are waiting for Uncharted 5.

The best-selling video game Uncharted is developed by Naughty Dog, created by Amy Hennig, and  Interactive entertainment Sony for Playstation consoles.  The main and ardent character of this franchise is Nathan Drake.

 Because of its high production values, quality in storytelling, voice acting, realistic graphics, character design, and giving an enjoyable gaming experience became universally successful and shipped more than 41 million dollars. Its popularity and acceptance linked it with Hollywood action movies.

Do the rumors of Uncharted 5 exist?

According to recent reports and rumors, a new uncharted game is going to develop, which makes fans excited but maybe Nathan Drake will not be included in it, which can risk the new franchise.

The fact is the launch of PlayStation 5 has started the thirst of Uncharted 5 in the fans. By listening to the rumors, they generate hope that there should be some faith in them. The release of the upcoming film and the game’s favorable outcome on the Sony platform has increased the chances of a new franchise. Recently, Bloomberg and Jason Schreier also give some clues of the team working on Uncharted 5.

Now, there is still an issue about who will make the Uncharted 5, as we know  Bend Studio and Naughty Dog are the most popular developers of the Uncharted series. It is obvious that if Naughty Dog made it, then it will be the sequel. But after the complete ending, it can be problematic while Bend Studio aims to make their own game instead of this. So, The developer is not sure yet.

It’s unclear whether Sony has plans for new Uncharted or not. After the release of PlayStation 5, a new franchise can spin the next generation gaming and of course, it will look better than Uncharted 4 “A Thief’s End”. There is no lack of potential in Sony and can lead to the best game ever but despite the potential, a key decision should also be needed regarding the story.

Who will be the protagonist for Uncharted 5?

The most popular character over the years on Playstation, Nathan Drake (played by Nolan North) that gives success to the Uncharted series is the major part. His light-hearted, lovely and thrilling nature makes gamers fall over him. However, the story of this character comes to an end in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, after completing his journey and happily retired with his daughter and wife.


After the brilliant ending of Nathan Drake’s story, the developer has to focus on the supporting characters or can add a new character in the next game. But reboot can lead to the risk of low fan following which ultimately can become less profitable. Another point is, players will compare the new one with the Nathan Drake and can cause a clash between them which can give inadequate effects.

By holding Uncharted: Lost Legacy in mind, few options for a new protagonist seem to be available. As Troy Baker played a splendid role as Nathan’s older brother and is best in all supporting characters, so Sam Drake seems to be a good choice. Another option is the prequel, Sully’s backstory which can be very interesting, as players don’t know the actual beginning of this story. It can also lead to the story of Chloe, who was almost the age of 40 in her last appearance but it can sow the seeds of popularity.

What will be the Main Challenge?

When the idea of Uncharted came into mind, the first click was of Nathan Drake, as he is the warrior of this game, and replacing him for the next game is a treacherous decision. By returning Nathan Drake in the sequel, Naughty Dog can get longtime fans more quickly than ever. If Nolan North is willing to return and start its sequel with the potential and with little changed appearance. it will be a prominence for fans but it will also be risky at the same time, because of its completely ended story.

While a reboot without Nathan Drake will give honor to the Naughty Dog’s concluded story and the back of Nathan Drake can also ruin the story. As sad turns required for the back of Nathan Drake, that may be the murder of his wife or the normal family breakout which will not give a good impact. Another option is to allow the players to control Cassie instead, which can be more interesting and favorable. But it must be incessant to the previous story which players have already seen.

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Sony should have to take the hard decision of its protagonist for Uncharted 5 because it is tangled between a tough situation. As the question of Nathan Drake, whether that will remain in the new series or not is hard to avoid, or if we give a soft reboot, then does Cassie can get the potential for a long adventurous journey. And lastly, if the decision will be a complete spinoff then a new character can bear Nathan Drake’s popularity.

In accordance with reality, the new Uncharted 5 is stuck in a tight situation, which can only be solved by Sony Entertainment’s final decision.


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