Eden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot – What We Know So Far

“Justin Leach has teased the possibility of Eden season 2 with some dubious statements”

Created by Justin Leach, a crucial part of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Eden,” eventually arrived on Netflix on May 27, 2021, after a delay of more than a year. Eden is Netflix‘s Japanese, original adventure science fiction, written by Kimiko Ueno and directed by Yasuhiro Irie. 

The anime is set thousands of years ahead of time where humans became extinct. And a city named Eden is created by Robots. The story follows Sara Grace, a girl child found and raised by two robots, A37 and E92.

The show’s plot is unique and intriguing, but season 1 was a limited one. It was a four episode long series with an episode of 30 minutes each. Both the fans as well as critics acclaimed the series. Fans took to social media to praise the series and ask about the future of the series. 

Well, Justin Leach has given hope to fans regarding Eden’s season 2. Let’s see, all the information associated with Eden season 2 has arrived so far. 

The Cast of “Eden” Season 2?. Who will be in it?

Netflix has not given green-lit to the second installment of the series yet. So it is difficult to say who will be returning for season 2. However, it is highly plausible that the talented voice actors will return for the sequel given the fabulous performance of the actors. Assuming Season 2 characters will be the same as of season 2, the following characters will return-

  •  Ruby Rose Turner as Sara, a female orphan, and the last human 
  • David Tennant as E92, one of the robots who picked Sara, and became one of her guardians
  • Rosario Dawson as A37,  a robot and another guardian of Sara
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Zero, the villain of Season 1. Though the character died in season 1, it does not mean the voice actor can not return in another form in season 2.

Well, the rest of the cast will totally depend on the future storyline of the series.

The Release Date of “Eden,” Season 2. When will it premiere?

Netflix has not officially renewed the series for the next installment so far. Well, season 1 only concluded on May 27, 2021. So, it is too soon to expect anything. However, the creator, Justin Leach, has hinted towards season 2 and gave the fans hope. On the demands of fans of Eden season 2, Justin responded via Twitter. He said-

“I’d love to! It’s in the hands of the fans now.”

Well, Folks! That surely means that Leach has plans in mind regarding season 2. But, the renewal of the series depends on the viewership. As we are already aware, Netflix only renews the series with substantial viewership. So, viewers, if you wish to watch the sequel, share the series with family and friends to increase the fan base.

If Netflix decides to renew the series, It will take quite a long time for the sequel to arrive. If we assume Netflix renews the series this month, then also, it is highly doubtful the production of the series will be finished by the end of this year. So, in any case, the Eden season 2 will not arrive before 2022. 

The Plot of “Eden” Season 2? What to expect from it?

There is no official update regarding the storyline of “Eden” Season 2. However, Justin Leach shared, he would love to expand the world of Eden if he gets the chance during an interview with the Philippine press. 

He broadly indicated the probable storyline of Season 2. He said: 

 “The world is designed [so that we would] be able to tell more stories. For example, there’s an Eden 2 that we never talked about, but there’s actually a story, and there’s an event that’s happened there, so if the fans want more, then we have more stories to tell.”

Justin Leach further stated that he had the idea of Eden since he came out of college at the age of 23 years. He said he had thought about all the possible directions he could give to Eden. He also stated that if he would have more episodes, he will focus on the development of Sara a little more.

Though Leach has not stated clearly, he had fabulous plans for season 2. He will expand the Eden universe if he gets the chance. We might see the future or past of Sara. 

Well, we can just hopefully wait for the renewal news of season 2, 

Trailer of “Eden” Season 2. When will it be released?

Usually, the trailer of any series arrives before a month of release. As the series is not renewed yet, the trailer is far away. Let’s watch the pleasant trailer of season 1 here till the trailer for season 2 arrives.

IMDB Rating of “The Eden Series”

Eden is a critically acclaimed series but underrated so far. It scored an average rating of 6.8 out of 10.

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Final Words

Eden is quite pleasant and delightful to watch. Moreover, it is a unique piece of entertainment in just two hours. Hopefully, you like the series. I also hope that the series will successfully catch the attention of a sufficient audience to get the green flag for season 2. If any new information arrives, we will update here. 

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  1. One major mistake is given in this. Zero is not dead. Watch a little further in the credits and you will see that he was put in the bots body of Emily. The two AI’s proceed to tell him his original robot body will be repaired as quickly as possible. So it is safe to say you’ve mistaken your assumptions and does indeed have a very open end to what can consist in season 2. Zero lives


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