Superman Impersonator Gets Hit by a Bus After a Failed Attempt

Kal-El aka Superman, you might have seen him in many comic books, animated films & movies.

But have you ever thought of witnessing Man of Steel trying to stop a bus with his bare hands in your neighborhood?

Just by hearing this, you would be surprised, right?

Well, then be prepared to read something that’s even more shocking. Let’s get started:

Superman Impersonator Tries to Stop the Bus by Bare Hands

The latest news is coming straight from Brazil where a citizen is seen impersonating the Man of Steel.

Even though all this was supposed to happen only because he was planning to mimic superman.

However, now his plan has backfired after the comedian was hit in reality.

Look at this small video clip to understand what actually went down:

That’s damn hilarious, isn’t it?

The Brazilian comedian’s original plan was to stop the public bus while wearing the iconic Man of Steel costume. However, this 20-second video clip shows otherwise. Suddenly, a bus speed down the vehicle only to be stopped by the Impersonator Superman getting hit down the road.

Brazil Comedian on the “Miracle of God”

When asked about the failed attempt at his stunt, the Brazil Comedian Luiz Ribeiro de Andrade had to say the following thing to F5 news in an interview, “It’s a stunt I always do, but this time, it almost turned into an accident,”

Thankfully, the Impersonator Superman left the scene of the incident without a scratch.

In fact, the comedian is calling this a “Miracle of God”

Superman Impersonator
Superman Impersonator

The video posted above clearly states that the mistake was done on both the driver’s & comedian’s part. So, Andrade decided not to try & go down the legal bout against the bus company over the incident. Instead, in the interview, Impersonating Superman takes all the blame on himself & calls for a request to not fire the bus driver.

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Even though the bus company Setransp didn’t fire the driver, they released an official statement saying,”the importance of attention to traffic, taking care of all the necessary precautions.”

That’s all for now.

What do have to say about this incident of impersonator Superman? Do share your thoughts about the same in the comments section given below.

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