Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla Team up for a ‘Common Vision’ on Extensions

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are coming together to make the browsing experience commendable.

Some of the World’s biggest browser-making companies, though rivals, are congregating to improve the browser experience of users. Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and others are joining hands to make internet browsing speedy and better, according to a report by Cnet. 

The report says the teams working on the browser department at respective companies, including Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, will collectively advance extensions in their browsers. Extensions add features in the browser. The user can download the extensions to enhance the overall browsing experience. 

The companies declared they are coming together at the World Wide Web Consortium, as per the report.

Why have the companies come together?

The companies have formed WebExtensions Community, an online forum. The forum will provide the engineers a platform to create safe and unified extensions.

The community group of the tech giants noted-

“With multiple browsers adopting a broadly compatible model for extensions in the last few years, the WECG is excited to explore how browser vendors and other interested parties can work together to develop a standard browser extension forum.”

Though the rivals have created a unified platform for the common goal, the browsers will continue to have independent stores. Users can download the Extensions from the different individual stores owned by the respective companies. The stores will be fully active with their respective policies.

What is the idea behind working together?

One of the principal objects for which companies will operate together is to make extension creation simpler for developers. The companies will create the defined uniform model and common core of permissions functionality and APIs. Additionally, the tech giants intend to make the browsing experience through extensions securer. The browser teams of respective companies will craft a model that improves browser and Extension performance and is indeed more safe and resistant to misuse.


The best browser teams in the world have come together. The user expects the end product to be fabulous. Unfortunately, though, the companies have not given any time by which the ultimate efforts will reach the consumers.

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The community group has invited other browsing companies and engineers to unite together to work on the project.


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