Blood Red Sky: Netflix Horror to Release in July

Netflix is home to many horror shows & movies.

Next month, add 1 more to the list – Blood Red Sky.

It’s an action-horror German/English film written by Stefan Holtz & German director Peter Howarth who has also directed the Netflix film.

Previously known as Transatlantic 473, Blood Red Sky takes place in a plane where a mother is trying to protect her son by harboring a dark secret to her heart.

Blood Red Sky Release Date

Except for a poster, teaser trailer, the short movie version, there’s not enough information about the upcoming film. But as far as the release date is concerned, it’ll release globally on July 23rd, 2021.

Blood Red Sky Teaser Trailer

During Netflix’s Geeked Week Event, a teaser trailer of the upcoming Netflix horror was released. You can have its sneak-peek from below:

How was the teaser trailer? Did you like it? Do share your thoughts in the comments section given below.

Blood Red Sky Plot

As per the officially released synopsis, the upcoming Netflix horror follows the struggles of a mother who is on board a flight with her son.

She’s suffering from a mysterious illness and then suddenly action takes place as a group of terrorists tries to hijack an overnight flight crossing the Arctic.


So, the only way she can protect her son is by unveiling a dark secret & unleashing a vampire, she always wanted to hide from the world.

I hope by reading this plot, you might have understood why Transatlantic 473 was renamed Blood Red Sky.

Who’s in the Movie?

  • Peri Baumeister (Known for her roles in The Last Kingdom & the Skylines).
  • Graham McTavish (Known for his roles in Outlander & The Witcher).
  • Dominic Purcell (Known for his roles in DC shows The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow).
  • Rolland Møller (Known for his roles in Skyscrapper, The Commuter)

Blood Red Sky Short Movie Version [2015]

Back in 2015, Peter Forward, the director of upcoming Netflix horror released a 6-minute action scene with completely different cast & crew members.

You can watch this action scene below:

At the moment, there’s no explanation why the short action scene was released in the 1st place or whether it is somehow related to the upcoming Netflix original movie red blood sky.

Final Words


✅Fear Street Part 1: 1994,

✅A Classic Horror Story,

✅Fear Street Part 3: 1666,

✅Blood Red Sky.

…is the final nail in the coffin of the horror genre for the July 2021 month.

Even though we have more than a month to kill, there are many horror shows & movies you can watch online.


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