Sekirei Season 3 Release, Cast, And More Details About

Is Sekirei Season 3 coming after a hiatus of almost ten long years? Let’s find out.

Sekirei is a Japanese supernatural, romantic-comedy anime series based on the manga series having the same title. The story follows the protagonist Minato Sahashi, an underconfident high school student. Her life suddenly became adventurous when she met when a Sekirei named Musubi entered his life. Sekirei is a supernatural being who is in a deadly survival game called Sekirei plan. To unleash all their powers, they need their Ashikabis. Minato became Ashikabis for her and four more Sekirei by kissing them and became part of the deadly game. 

The manga series created by  Sakurako Gokurakuin began publishing in Square Enix’s seinen magazine in December 2004.  It ran for eighteen volumes and concluded in August 2015.

Aniplex and Seven Arcs adapted it as anime, first premiered in July 2008. Season 1 comprises a total of 12 episodes plus one OVA episode concluded on 17 September 2008. The series attracted millions of anime lovers, and consequently, the creators renewed for the second season. Season 2 comprises 12 episodes, and one OVA episode ran from June 13, 2010, to September 26, 2010. Since then, the ardent fans have been waiting for season 3. Well, let’s see what the creators have planned for season 3.

The Release date of Sekirei Season 3. When will it premiere?

As of now, the creators have not officially confirmed season 3 of the series. It has been more than ten years, and the creators are tight-lipped about the third installment. However, rumors are flowing on the internet that the talks on season 3 are going on. But it is not confirmed yet. If the rumors are true, then also, Season 3 will not arrive any time sooner. We guess that it will hit the screen somewhere in 2022.

If season 3 will make its way to the screen,  let us see how it will be when it comes.

The Cast of Sekirei Season 3. Who will we see in it?

The male protagonist of the series, Minato Sahashi, will return for sure as he is Ashikabi of the crucial Sekirei. The other main female character,  Musubi, a Sekirei because of whom Minato came to the world of Sekirei.

Rest, there are 107 other Sekirei out of which the main will return. It includes-

Kusano: Minato’s second powerful Sekirei and has the power to grow plants

Matsu: Minato’s third Sekirei. She is one of the most crucial Matsu who has control over technology.  

Tsukiumi: Minato’s fourth Sekirei. She always claimed to be the legal wife of Minato. She is the most aggressive among all the Sekireis and can control water.

The above characters will return for sure in season 3 if ever made.

The Plot of Sekirei Season 3. What will happen next?

Well, the deadly game called Sekirei Plan is still on. We desperately want to know who wins the game ultimately? The finale episode of season 3 raised numerous questions that need to be answered in season 3. In the end, Teito Tower gets destroyed, but there is much more left of MBI corporation. Matsu has stolen data from the tower. Here the question arose, What kind of data he has now? Will it help him to win the Sekirei plan? There are theories of the fans that the data will unravel a few shocking things. The origins of Sekirei are not revealed so far. We might get to see that as well in season 3. It is also not revealed why all the Sekirei must participate in the deadly game. Well, the answer to all the above questions is Sekirei season 3. 


Well, whatever happens, it is for sure that season that we will get power-packed season 3.

Trailer for Sekirei Season 3. When will it hit the screen?

The creators have not shown the green flag to season 3 yet. Therefore, it is difficult to tell the release date of the trailer. The production of season 3 has not begun yet, so we guess the trailer will not arrive till next year.

IMDB Rating of the Sekirei series

Though the series got mixed views, it scored a decent rating of 7.4 out of 10.

Where can we watch the Sekirei series?

The anime is available to watch on Amazon, Crunchyroll, Anime-planet, and Funimation.

Final Words  

After season 2 ended on a big cliffhanger, fans need season 3 to get the answers. Well, the creators have not acted upon the demands for more than ten years. Now, the fans hope to see the third installment. The Manga series has been concluded, so we expect the creators to give the series a proper ending to the anime with a third installment. Well, we have to wait for the official confirmation. We will update the article once we have more updates. 

What do you think will happen in Sekirei Season 3? Do tell me in the comment section. 


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