Twitter Officially Launches Its Twitter Blue Subscription

The air is spreading across the globe that Twitter launches “Twitter Blue”: Subscription Service. Now the question arises whether it’s a rumor or the truth? Let’s find out.

The team of Twitter officially tweeted and confirmed that it launches a paid subscription service that provides a specific feature to the user. The service was initially launched in Canada and Australia.

Now, if you wonder what feature you get after the subscription to Twitter blue and how much they are beneficial to us? So let’s go and understand the Twee blue feature.

Bookmark Folders

If you need a simple way to properly manage your stored content, then the feature comes into action. It helps you to organize the saved Tweets and manage content according to your requirements. Whenever you need it, You can get it smoothly.

Reader Mode

This feature will provide you a more satisfying reading experience. It will remove the noise. The features will surely increase the comfort of the user experience. Now the busy person can listen to the long thread while doing some other work as well. 

Undo Tweet

You can verify your tweet before it runs live. Sometimes we make mistakes in spelling, sentences, forget to tag while typing and after getting published, get to know, then the situation gets awful. Undo Tweets combat these kinds of issues. It will make the user experience better. Now people can preview their tweet and rectify the errors before it goes live.

Apart from that, Subscribers will also allow access to perks like you can customize the app icons for their device, Premium customer care support.


After getting to know about the features, the first question that arises in the user is what’s the price?

Speaking about the prices, Twitter announced that Twitter blue costs are $4.49 AUD for Australian users and $3.49 CAD for Canadian subscribers.

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Now, What for the non-subscriber?

For that, Twitter clearly announced, non-subscribers need to worry because the current service provided by Twitter will forever be free. 


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