All you need to know about Infinite Stratos Season 3

We haven’t watched any new episodes of the very popular anime for a long time. Infinite Stratos season 3 got delayed, which really made its fans edgy.

The studio has not officially announced the release of Infinite Stratos season 3. It is a Japanese mecha anime television series that is based on a light novel series of the same name, composed by Izuru Yumizuru and summarized by Okiura and CHOCO. It was initially distributed in 2009. After one year, it created a swift boom. The light novel series was also adjusted into a manga series; a couple of years following the primary distribution.

On 7th January 2011, the first season of Infinite Stratos progressed toward the screens of the viewers. After two years, in 2013, the show returned with the second season.

The story of Infinite Stratos season 3

Infinite Stratos season 3 reveals the story of a 15-year-old kid- Ichika Orimura. He experiences a complete change in his life due to an accidental event. After that, he discovers that he is the only capable male who can pilot an IS suit. Immediately, a part of the same news reached everywhere. Then, Ichika has enjoyed appreciation, and men who want power structure have faith in the kid. After witnessing the hidden talent of Ichika, the Japanese government decided to pick him in the IS Academy, where IS pilots from all over the globe came to practice. In the IS academy, Ichika went through a life where everybody tries to portray him as a woman. He wants to try his best to get his chemicals checked.

In the third season of Infinite Stratos, in which Ichika begins his novel life with complete delight, risks and hazards are far-off. The show displays his life at IS Academy as he fights to balance everybody of his responsibilities with a completely enjoyable existence.

The cast

  1. Ichika Orimura: The main character of Infinite Stratos season 3, Ichika Orimura is the uncommon male IS pilot of the world who becomes a first-year student at the IS Academy while his forces are established. As the first male IS pilot, Ichika is pushed into recognition.
  2. Houki Shinonono: Houki is another first-year trainer at the IS academy who is also a perfect mate of Ichika. Also, Houki is a public kendo champion. Houki is brought together with Ichika while he is obligated to join the IS Academy.
  3. Lingyin Huang: Lingyin Huang is the Chinese cadet associate at the IS academy. It is exposed in the show that Lingyin truly liked Ichika since school days. She is also one of the favorite mates of Ichika.
  4. Cecilia Alcott: In addition, Cecilia Alcott is another first-year trainer at the IS Academy and is an IS cadet associate from England. Irrespective of having lived in England, Cecilia entertains strong hate for men, inferable from the way that her dad was an unsuccessful and imprecise male. Three years prior to the events in the show, Cecilia loses her parents in a train accident. Later on, she pilots the Blue Tears IS and builds likings for Ichika.

Infinite Stratos Season 3 release date

Season 2 was released in 2013 and witnessed its finale being broadcasted on 20th December the same year.  Regardless of the fact, it was turned back to an OVA episode the next year. There has been no update about the coming season from that period. Although, it is not sure till an official announcement is made on the ultimate outcome of the show.  The fans have kept their fingers crossed in the hope of watching the Infinite Stratos season 3



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