Dirty John: How is the third season going to be?

Dirty John season 2 is now on Netflix. The show is based on a true-crime podcast, and in 2018 it premiered on Bravo before shifting to the USA Network in 2020 for the second season. One year after season one aired, the show extended its viewers and gained more fans as it was released on Netflix. Also, it became one of the most well-liked series on the streaming platform. The viewers really admired the display of betrayal and deceit shown in the first season.

In the first season, the anthology series revolved around the life of criminal and conman John Michal and his bond with Debra Newell. The show was first summarized in the 2017 podcast produced by Wondery and the LA Times and hosted by Christopher Goffard. The series took the show ahead of the famous podcast in season 2, stressing the murder trials and conviction of Betty Broderick.

Currently, the show has not been restored for Dirty John season 3. But, because of its recognition, fans are waiting for the trailer very soon. The US Network hasn’t declared whether they would be presenting more seasons as the show was first going to have two seasons. But surprisingly, the show gained a lot of hype and became one of the most-watched shows on Netflix; thus, we expect the US network would make a slight change in the plan.



The show’s formation is such that every season has a new tale along with a distinct period. Therefore, as per our guesswork, we anticipate that new faces might also be there in the cast. But, as per the fans’ expectations, the cast, including Connie Britton, Eric Bana, Christian Slater, Amanda Peet, and Julia Garner, would come back.  

The story

Both seasons 1 and 2 of Dirty John are based on real stories. Eric Bana played the role of John Meehan. The character of John Meehan was a serial fraudster who was stabbed to death by his wife’s daughter as he attempted to assault her in a parking lot.

Also, he was a secret drug addict who strived to appoint a hitman on a female police officer investigating his crimes. He threatened his first wife through voice messages that he will kill her. Betty Broderick was found guilty of murdering her husband and his new wife. She shot them dead in their bed following years of a bitter divorce battle and mind games which made her psychologically stressed.

Dirty John Season 3

It is pretty tough to say how the next season is going to be. We can just say there is expectation. The USA has not revamped the show for Dirty John season 3, but remember that it has not been cancelled either. Due to the global pandemic last year, a lot of shows and web series had undergone cancellations. Till now, Dirty John is on a safer side, and the fans are expecting USA networks and creators to turn up with good news very soon.

Date of release

It has been anticipated that Dirty John season 3 might return around May 2021. The last season found its way on the USA network on a similar occasion around before packing up in July 2020. However, it looks like those are not the plan any longer. Furthermore, let us not ignore the shift of the show from Bravo, where the season came in November 2018. Hence, a specific date of release and update is yet to arrive. The fans are waiting for an update by the end of 2021 and a particular date of release in 2022. 

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