Apple Launching Facetime For Android And Windows Users

One of the most astonishing announcements made by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the overhaul of the video, Audio calling app, Which is widely known as FaceTime. The company brings up some new features of FaceTime as requested by the user across the world. The new feature will also help to stand out firmly in front of competitors like zoom and google meet. 

The specification of the different Apple app is the prime reason to choose an iPhone because the app does not work on Android. Facetime is one of those.

The announcement of the expansion of face time to the android and windows platform at the WWDC will shock everyone and left with a question, what about the closed ecosystem system of apple?

At the time of the Announcement, It seems like the company shifted its walled garden or closed ecosystem strategy but in reality, it’s not. It’s a clever plan to move the Android and Windows users to Apple’s Ecosystem and also stand out in front of the competitor. 

Apart from the announcement, let us know more about FaceTime and some of the freshly added specifications. 

What is FaceTime, and how to handle it?

Face time is a highly advanced video audio calling app for the Apple user. Lately, Apple users can only use FaceTime for calling another apple user, but after the announcement at WWDC, things got changed for facetime. Now you can call on the other devices notwithstanding are not available on Android and Windows platforms. The app can easily run on the wifi as well as a cellular network. 

The update will provide a cushion for both apple and non-apple users. 

FaceTime is available for Android, Keeping the enclosed ecosystem of Apple.

In the IOS 15 introduction event, at WWDC 2021, 

Apple announced, “Windows and Android users use FaceTime”. After the announcement, most of the users enquire about the enclosed ecosystem of its hardware and software.

The wall-garden ecosystem of Apple remains because they allow Android and pc users to connect with the face time by the browser. You should not worry about the latest change because the company never loses its root of the enclosed ecosystem.


What Apple hides from Android and PC customers?

Tim Cook made a clever plan to give the lighter taste of the apple core app, but you can’t have it. It does not elaborate on some of the basic terms and conditions like Android and Windows users can not set up facetime without an apple device and apple plus account. If you wish to join a call invite by the apple user, you need an Apple account or device to first set up the facetime account, then you can connect to the call.

The question arises why Apple did not make a different app and launch it for Android to beat the competitor.

It can create a different app and launch it on the play store to meet the demand for the android user but it’s a way to entice the user with the service and quality provided by Apple. In this way, they want to create an image of how good the ecosystem of Apple is.

As you all notice, the success of Apple’s enclosed ecosystem and how much the people love it.

This is the method by which it increases its reach without losing the Walled garden ecosystem of Apple.

FaceTime will emerge as a competitor to Zoom, Google Meet.

We are all familiar with the success of Zoom and Google Meet, in the last year.

You can see the zoom is used by everyone for teaching, meeting, or personal conversation as well.

Apple is silently preparing its digital weapon to compete in the market. The silence broke in the WWDC when finally Apple announced the brand new feature of Facetime.

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You just need to generate a link and share it with others to start a video call despite whether the person is an Apple user or not.

It is a perfect alternative for online meeting platforms like zoom, Google meeting. Still, it is difficult to root out the competition even with the brand value of the apple. 

Definitely, We can say the landscape for meeting platform will change with the entry of Facetime (Apple)

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