Seven Deadly Sins Season 6: Will it Happen?

Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth & Wrath are the 7 deadly sins known to the world. And based on these 7 sins, we’ve seen its manga series, anime television series, films, & video games. It was between October 2019 – March 2020, when we saw The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 getting released.

Titled as ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods,” the 4th season fairly well in elevating the popularity of franchises all over the world.

Then fast forward to 2021, on January 13, we finally got to see the new episodes of Seven Deadly Sins Season 5. The 24 episode season is all set to reach its end on June 23 of this month. However, before that, many users have started to ask:

When will the English dub version of Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 will release?

How will Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 will End?

When will Seven Deadly Sins Season 6 will release?

Don’t worry too much as going forward in this post, I’ll answer all your concerns regarding the anime show.

Let’s get started:

When will Seven Deadly Sins Season 6 will release?

As far as Seven Deadly Sins Season 6 is concerned, I’ve got good & bad news for you. First, I’ll start with the Good News.

Seven Deadly Sins anime series is based on a manga series of the same name.

And its Season 5 is reaching its end by June 23. And by the end of Season 5, it’s closing out on finish adapting the complete manga series.

In fact, its Japanese studio has marketed the current season as the Final ARC. However, despite all this, there’s a ray of hope. And that’s the Good News I was talking about earlier.

The way the Seven Deadly Sins manga series ended, left a lot of scope for the anime fans. Now, another manga spin-off series titled Seven Deadly Sins: the Four Knights of Apocalypse has been releasing since the start of this year.

So, even if Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 ends up using the complete manga series, You would have enough source material for a new Seven Deadly Sins Season. Besides, if there’s any chance of getting a new anime season, we would have all the updates once the current season ends.

When Will Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Arrive on Netflix?

As I told you earlier, the Seven Deadly Sins season 5 will conclude on 23 June 2021. That’s all about the Japanese release of anime series, What about the global Netflix release?


When you go by the release of previous seasons, Seven Deadly Sins was expected to release globally by the end of this year. However, proved everyone wrong by announcing the season release on 28th June of 2021.

And after that, if we’re lucky, we might even get an official announcement on the release plans of Seven Deadly Sins Season 6.


Even though Seven Deadly Sins isn’t a highly rated anime show, it has one of the biggest cult following.

And these cult followers are one of the reasons why we’re getting the Seven Deadly Sins anime series & many spin-off mangas.

That’s all for now.

Before I say the final goodbye, let me ask you – Are you excited to see the English dubbed version of Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 on June 28?

If yes then do share your expectations in the comments section given below.

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