The Familiar of Zero Season 5 : Release Date,The Cast, Plot & Trailer

Are we again going to meet Louise and Saito’s bond? Will we ever enjoy the romantic-magical tale?

We have a number of questions in our mind regarding the renewal of one of our most-liked series-The Familiar of Zero. There is buzz that there are less chances of its renewal for the next season. We have enjoyed four seasons till now, and at the present, the fans are hypothesizing what lies ahead. No wonder, the story of the mysterious fictional world has amazed us and we are looking forward to the next season. Let’s puzzle out the future of season 5 on a factual basis.

The Familiar of Zero, also named Zero no Tsukaima, is a Japanese Anime, an adaptation of the light novel written by Noboru Yamaguchi and illustrated by Eiji Usatsuka. Later transfigured in the magical series by J.C. Staff into four anime. The refreshing storyline of the anime is more aligned with suspense and surprises with terrible magic performed by Louise Francoise. This adventurous fantasy is also bagged with a romantic touch.

Supposed Release Date of Season 5 -The Familiar  of Zero

As we are all aware of the fact that the author of the light novel breathed his last in 2013, leaving it unfinished. Since then, all the predictions shifted to less hope of its consequent season. However, it was concluded in two volumes by a different author, utilizing the notes left behind by Yamaguchi. If we look at the facts, Season 1 premiered in 2006 having a total of 13 episodes followed by 3 more seasons. Zero no Tsukaima F’ was released on January 7, 2012, labeling it the end of the series. Now, it seems a bit unlikely that we will have its next season as we have seen less interest for its renewal but the makers can change their mind and we can definitely anticipate an OVA to be released providing the story an edge.

The Cast of The Familiar Of Zero Season 5- Who is coming back?

We have met two wonderful characters in previous seasons and there is no doubt that if the season comes, they will return. We will keep updating you if the new names get revealed officially.

Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere

Voiced By Rie Kugimiya Louise is a protagonist character and is the daughter of the Valliere family She is a student at the Tristian Academy. She was given the nickname “Louise the Zero”. She learned magic but because of her history of disastrous spell casts. She has a stubborn nature and is a very complex personality yet tries to act all noble. In the story, we can see she leaves no stone unturned to be accepted by the magician community.

Saito Hiraga -Voiced by Satoshi Hino

Saito is another star character of the series who is a normal human but he gets stuck when he touches a portal opened in front of him. When he reaches the other side. He landed somewhere else which was not familiar. Louise treats him like a slave and gets household chores completed by him. Later, he got feelings for Louise.

We will also meet supporting cast Tabitha, Kirche, Guiche, Montmorency

The Plot Structure of “The Familiar Of Zero Season 5”

Fans will be very excited if they can see the bond going strong between Louise and Saito in the next season. The mysterious adventure will again be a part of the upcoming season. The Familiar of Zero Season 5 will also depict how Louise will improve herself in magical tricks and spellcasters.  

The Familiar of Zero Season 5
The Familiar of Zero Season 5

The storyline of the previous seasons-The Familiar Of Zero 

The storyline of “The Familiar of Zero” centers on Louise Francoise, a magician, and her difficulty in the spell cast whenever she attempts to cast a charm it creates unwanted troubles for her. “Louise the Zero ” is the name given to her because of her repetitive mistakes in the magical tricks. One day her magic goes beyond the imagination which brings a human-shaped guy, Saito Hiraga into her life and the story turns to a romantic fantasy phase.

Trailer of “The Familiar Of Zero Season 5”

As of now, the trailer of Season 5 is not unveiled by the makers as the season itself stands in doubt, But as soon as the updates come, we will get back to you with that.

Updates for Season 5

Although The Familiar Of Zero or Zero no Tsukaima ended with a labeled finale. The future of the upcoming season is unlikely to be predicted but the next season could approach us as the result of the fans’ eagerness. It could help the makers to think again for the subsequent seasons.

-Whatever the case would be, we will keep updating you. Stay connected with us for fresh updates.

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