God Eater Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, trailer

If we talk about one of the best anime-inspired games, it would be none other than God Eater. You might witness that God Eater is accompanied by a storyline similar to any other fantasy anime. But, still, it is something unique! There are a whole array of exciting moments in this anime that make it worth watching. God Eater earned immense fame and recognition upon its release, and with the news of the God Eater Season 2, we cannot keep calm! This anime is a successful result of the combined efforts of its director Takayuki Hirao and Ufotable Studio’s animators. 

This anime’s first season was flagged off in 2015, and with its amazing reviews online, the fans are already expecting the next season. The first season had 12 episodes with a tenure of 24 minutes each. The official release date of God Eater Season 2 isn’t out yet! Let us know more about this intriguing anime series in this article! While being here, you will know more about the series’s trailer information, release date, plot, characters, and much more! 

God Eater Season-1: What was it all about? 

The whole story of the God Eater Season 1 happened in a dystopian world. It showcased that humanity almost came to an end in the future. After humanity’s extinction, the world was ruled by none other than the monstrous beings known as Aragami. The Aragami Core was used to control the noteworthy actions of the Aragamis. The Aragami Core was the prime reason responsible for their intelligence. These monstrous beings had the ability to devour anything that acts as an obstacle in their path. But, they would never intend to devour anything that has a similar composition as their own! 

There was a weapon curated from the Aragami core, named the God Arc, which can destroy the Aragami. An organization named the Fenrir used to make these god arcs. The ones using these god arcs to kill the Aragami were referred to as the God Eater! In the first season of the God Eater anime, there has been an exhibition of Lenka’s whole journey whose family was destroyed by the Argami. The series illustrates his journey of supremacy and how he became a commendable God Eater. 

God Eater Season 2- What is the Release Date? 

Unluckily, the fans would have to wait for more for the release of God Eater Season 2. According to Techstry, The official date of the same has not been announced yet! Earlier, they expected the second season to come during the God Eater Video Game Series’s tenth anniversary. It was during 2020. But, there is no sign of its official date’s announcement yet! The fans can continue to keep on checking the official website of the game series for more information.  

God Eater Season 2- What’s the Plot Like? 

As expected, the plot of the second season would follow the same lines as the video game. According to the research, the makers do not intend to deviate these lines! Season 1 of this anime series concluded when it was in the year 2071 with the tragic scene of Lindow’s lost hand. 

If you have been following the God Eater anime series, it would be easier for you to predict what all is going to be there in season 2. But no one knows if God Eater Season 2 takes a turn and brings some unexpected twists in its storyline! So, here are some possible storylines that the second season might adapt to. In the first season, you might have witnessed that Lindow was in the lead role. But, he lost his arm, and this would increase the chances of Lenka playing the lead role in season 2. 

God Eater Season 2
God Eater Season 2

Since the overwhelming power of Lenka was at its peak in the first season, there are chances that season 2 would show his further development. We can also expect Shio to be the supporting lead for this anime. Shio is the advanced God Arc and is considered a human side and Aragami aura with her! However, a question that still remains unsolved is about the past of Aragami. It plays as one of the most important pieces of information that the fans are waiting to receive from God Eater Season 2

Famous Characters To Expect in God Eater Season 2

The fans can expect the presence of Lindow, i.e., Rindo Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana, Soma Schicksal, Johannes von Schiksal, Hibari Takeda, Kota Fujiki, Alisa Ilyinichna Omela, Tsubaki Amamiya, Paylor Sakaki, Aisha Gauche, Licca Kusunoki, and the very important Tatsumi O’Mori.    


You cannot expect the new season to come up with the answers to the past! But, also it would come up with some surprises for the future! According to some sources, the storyline of God Earth Season 2 is undoubtedly going to let you stay glued to it until it’s over. Season 1 had an amazing thrill, and the fans expect even more from the second season now! 

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