Battle in 5 Seconds after Meeting: Release date, characters, and all information 

If you’re an anime fan, this article might be for you. The update about Battle in 5 seconds is finally here, so sit down and read on! The series is an adaptation of Manga By writer Saizõ Harawata, and an illustration has been made by Miyako. It is said that Battle in 5 seconds started as a webcomic before Miyako originally made the art. Manga has a specific attribute making it unique from other ones. They imply a group of characters having special powers, and at the end, they will participate in a battle against each other as usual.

Surprisingly, Manga has sold over 2 million copies just after the release; it will be lovely to see how the fans will review the web series. 

What is the release date of Battle after 5 seconds?

True Anime fans have already waited for an extended period for the release of their favorite series after the first trailer was out. But it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer as with the second trailer. The release date is July 12th in Tokyo MX and BS11 and July 13th on At-X. In North America, the first premiere would debut at midnight on July 13th. 

Sadly, an official English trailer hasn’t been made clear yet. 

What is the storyline?

As the teaser suggests, watchers may assume Battle in 5 seconds after meeting would follow a typical Manga story. As per the news, The story swirls around a high school student, Kei Shiroyanagi (Voice artist- Ayumh Murase), who is a gaming expert and candy lover. After a few seconds, when he crosses paths with magical Mion (voice artist- Mayumi Shintani), he gets entitled with superpowers that seem psychic. 

Kei’s special power is that he can quickly possess the ability his opponent thinks he has. Exciting enough? 

The series will also star another high school girl, Yūri Amagake (Voice Artist- Aimi), Who can triple her powers, a 3rd-year high schooler boy Madoka who can transform woods into blades, Shin Kumagiri, who is a pro wrestler and has the power to get invisible, Ringo Tatara who can take the 10th part of someone else’s ability. 

Battle in 5 Seconds after Meeting
Battle in 5 Seconds after Meeting

As per the trailer, Battle in five seconds after meeting Kei, appears to be a confident student. He is a master gamer, so good that his opponents quit even before trying. With his abilities, Kei Tries to destroy the whole organization with his powers to win the game. Apparently, the Whole cast is directed into the flow of this story.

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Characters of battle in five seconds after meeting.

Character Cast and Their Roles

Character name  Voice artist 
Kei shiroyanagi Ayumu Murase
Yumi amagake Aimi
Mion Mayumi Shintani
Madika krisaki Kazura nakai
Shin kumagiri Yuichi Nakamura
Ringo tatara Miyuri Shimabukuro
Yan Akari Kito


Now that we have informed you about the amazing storyline and all that you can expect from the “Battle in 5 seconds after meeting”, you might be more eager to get updates! Follow our website for updates on this season! 

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