Prince William’s rare personal message about feeling ‘gutted’ on Twitter 

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, once again made the world curious after he tweeted a rare personal message in a tweet again on Twitter. The message has created a spark among the royal fans. To have a personal message from the Duke of Cambridge is a rare sight, so a big deal!

His Twitter account has about 2.2 million followers and billions of likes and comments. The Twitter handle is an official account of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation, based at Kensington Palace, which he shares with his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

What Actually happened 

On 27th June, the internet had gone crazy when The royal prince made a tweet. 

As proof that these words were written by the Duke himself (rather than his social media team), he signed off with a personalised sign-off: “W.” 

The Duke of Cambridge was feeling ‘gutted’ when he chose to tweet this message – Gutted for @AlunWynJones that he won’t be able to captain the Lions due to an injury. Wishing him a speedy recovery and best of luck to the rest of the Lions team as they set off for South Africa. We are all behind you. 

The tweet was loved by fans and got almost five thousand likes and 228 retweets. 

Prince William and his love for sports

It’s easily visible that the royal personality is often moved by sports and is seen tweeting about the topic frequently.

Last time when a ‘personal tweet’ came from Prince Williams read – Now, more than ever, we must protect the entire football community–from the top level to the grassroots–and the values of competition and fairness at its core. I share the concerns of fans about the proposed Super League and the damage it risks causing to the game we love. W. 

However, in the recent tweet, Prince Williams was feeling gutted about Alun Wyn Jones, a professional Welsh rugby player who suffered a shoulder dislocation recently. As a result, Jones was ruled ineligible to captain the British and Irish Lions and was swapped by Conor Murray. 


It is not the first time when Prince William showed his support for the Alun Jones’ team. Back in 2019, he signed off one more tweet when Welsh rugby national team were defeated. In a rare, personal and touching post after the team lost against South Africa, PRINCE WILLIAM expressed his “pride” for the national rugby Team of Welsh. 

The tweet of the prince reads – @AlunWynJones – brilliant leadership as ever. 

“You can all hold your heads high from an incredible tour where we’re all so proud of you.” 

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Both royal and rugby fans applauded the personal letter full of sweetness. 

Of course, he would be doing so as he serves as a President of the Welsh national rugby union team and a keen fan of the sport. In December 2016, Prince William took on the role of Queen and became patron of the Welsh Rugby Union. Besides the Welsh Rugby Union, Since 2009, the Prince of Wales has served as Honorary Patron of Llandovery Rugby Football Club, and since 1985, he has served as Patron of The London Welsh Rugby Football Club also.


Believe it or not, Prince Williams has a contribution in garnering our involvement and interest in European sports even if we do not want to. It’s lovely to see royals having a keen eye on a subject matter which is not directly related to their daily affairs. It makes us believe that they can have some common interests, too, like ordinary human beings. 

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