Forget the Chromecast; Walmart’s Onn Android TV is cheaper and just as good; what you need to know about the Walmart on android tv

Walmart has always passed in turning the whooping glances of consumers towards itself. Whether in terms of low prices with superior quality of items or enhancing the relationship with its customers, it has always stood out. Walmart is constantly winning the race of providing affordable and within reach of every consumer. Today we are comparing Television stick sets of 2 tech giants, Google Chromecast, and Walmarts Onn android TV. By the end of this article, you will be sure about the choices you are going to make. Let’s begin! 


When the Chromecast Google TV last year was released, it blasted the market. Everybody talked about the $50 device with 4K HDR support and Android TV’s features. We thought this the end of the era of smart tv sticks. Like, this is it. Nothing newer will ever be able to beat the beast until Walmart kicked off our innocent opinions with its Android Onn Tv: with similar equal features and price, almost half darn good.

About the Walmart onn Android Tv

The Walmart onn android tv is just a black plastic made tiny box. Thankfully, the edges are round, so they do not annoy. On one side is a micro-USB port for charging, while on the other side is an HDMI port for receiving TV signals. A modest white LED, and a hidden button on the other side allows you to start the pairing process or perform a factory reset. You won’t have a choice but to install Hulu, HBO Max, and Prime Video; but, once you hit the main panel. Netflix and Disney+ are both pre-installed and cannot be removed. If you want to download more apps, you can always request to do so. You will also get a crazy amount of channels: the video and sound quality are astonishing. People are experiencing some minor issues with the remote. However, that’s not a big issue at all when you get gold for $30.


Features of Walmart Onn Android tv

Storage – 8GB

RAM- 2GB( No lags) 

Video quality- up to 4K, HDR10, no Dolby Vision or HDR10+ ( Smooth and solid image quality) 

Audio- Dolby surround (Outstanding) 

Wireless- 2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO, Bluetooth 4

Price- $29.88 at (Superb inexpensive option) 

Number of channels: 5,000+ 

About the Chromecast by google tv

The Chromecast with Google TV is designed similarly to current Chromecast devices but with a more oval appearance. The remote is excellent. Netflix and YouTube each receive their button. Famous streaming apps are already inbuilt, or you can also download them. 

Features of Chromecast by google tv

Number of channels: 5,000+

Ports: HDMI, USB-C

Video resolution: 4K/60 fps, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision

Supported audio formats: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and  Atmos

Ram: 2GB

Storage: 8 GB

Wireless: HDMI (can use CEC), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac @ 2.4/5 GHz)[45], Bluetooth 4.2, Ethernet (with Ethernet power adapter)

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The specs of both the devices are almost the same. Concerning remotes, Chromecast has a better one. However, price is the main factor for you. It would be best if you went with the Walmart Onn Android TV. The visuals are breathtaking, and the sound is mesmerizing. If you want to have a fantastic television experience with minimal investment, Onn is your brand. But if you are more tech-freak and want new updates now and then, it might not fit you.

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