Covid 19 cases are rising in Tarrant as the county gears up for the holidays.

After a low curve, Tarrant Country is again experiencing a steep rise in covid cases as the country gears up for the holidays. As people become careless, the sudden rise could be a matter of concern. So far, the county has reported a total of 263,690 cases, 258,038 of which are recovered. Since the start of the pandemic, the country has confirmed approximately 3,572 deaths. Fort Worth, with 1,459 people the most in the pandemic, is among the cities with the highest number of fatalities and Allington is followed by 696. New cases and deaths were declining until recently, when they have again risen in crazy numbers. 

Dangerous Impact of travelling amid a covid-19 pandemic

We are already at a high level of community spread, and we are about to see a lot of people trying to travel and amassing indoors,” says the author. “It’s difficult to see how this will go well.” When hundreds of millions of people travel to see relatives during the holiday, it is one of the world’s largest mass migrations. Large gatherings aid coronavirus spread. Smaller gatherings, on the other hand, pose a hazard. If a person becomes infected, 30 per cent of their household — roughly one in every three people — will become infected.

For instance, when millions of Americans travelled in masses for Thanksgiving last year and ignored CDC guidelines, it became a significant threat of community spread. The cases in America skyrocketed, so were the deaths associated with it. Believe it or not, Holidays will always deteriorate the curve, let alone spreading cheerfulness. 

Covid 19 cases
Covid 19 cases

Covid 19 in Tarrant county

In the county, there are 92 more cases, bringing the total to 263,503. There have been 3,568 deaths and 257,846 recoveries from the virus in the area. COVID-19 patients currently take up 3% of the county’s hospital beds. Variant cases have been rising locally.  County has also reported patients from the new delta virus. According to county data, Tarrant County’s hospital bed occupancy increased from 82 per cent to 83 per cent. Tarrant County’s COVID-19 testing positivity rate increased to 6% from 5% in the most recent seven-day average data. The rate was last at 6% on May 6. Adult ICU bed occupancy fell from 88 per cent to 86 per cent. On December 28, the pandemic had reached a peak of 99 per cent. The number of people using ventilators has decreased by four to 180. Patients are using 24 per cent of the county’s 762 ventilators.

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According to DSHS, 82.4 per cent of Tarrant residents 65 and older have received at least one dose, and 75.8 per cent have been fully vaccinated. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, 54.05 per cent of Tarrant County residents 16 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 47.7 per cent fully vaccinated.According to the DSHS, more than 57.7 per cent of Texas residents aged 12 and up have received at least one dose. Texas residents aged 12 and up are fully vaccinated at 49.6 per cent. The growing cases can be attributed to holidays such as July 4th, when people in massive numbers attend fireworks and involve in humongous gatherings. The state should take concrete steps, like weekend curfew and such, in eradicating such sharp rise. It is more crucial when Delta-the third variant is already here- deadlier and unpredictable. 


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  1. Humongous? What riveting joirnalism. On what data do you rely to call for removing people’s right to free movement and choice? There are no statistics to support it. Fear of “what if?” is not enough.


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