Update your Chromebook to the latest Chrome OS release just yet

Chromebook has just got an update and Chromebook owners are facing downgrade performance with the latest chrome os-release. You will have to update your Chromebook with respect to which edition you own.  A variety of bug fixes, security upgrades, and feature enhancements are included in this release.

Chrome OS 91.0.4472.147 is the most recent version issued to the stable channel, which most Chromebook owners are running, although it comes with outages. If you have installed the latest version, Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.147, you could be amongst those whose software is not functioning properly. It should be noted that the performance regression is based on which Chromebook you own.

What does Google claim about the latest chrome os-release? 

Chromebooks automatically update to present you with the most up-to-current features and to maintain the software up to date and fast. Share files between your Chromebook and other Chrome OS or Android devices easily and securely with Nearby Share. You’ll be able to send and receive messages without sharing your contact information, ensuring that your data and files remain private. To get started, click on your Settings and turn on “Nearby Share.” You can already utilise your Launcher to look for programmes, files, Google results, and more. The new Diagnostics app makes troubleshooting your Chromebook a breeze. You may run tests and verify the status of your laptop’s battery, CPU, and RAM. So, if your battery seems to be fading faster than usual, you may check its health immediately from the app. 

What’s happening in affected Chromebooks?

Not all the Chromebooks of the world are affected with the glitch, only some specific ones. 

After receiving the update to version 91.0.4472.147, Chromebooks began to slow down and lag, with some owners complaining that even power washing and deleting all extensions didn’t help. Users on Reddit were the first to notice the performance concerns, and the Chromium Bug Tracker has subsequently received some feedback. Even after deactivating extensions, users reported that almost every page lags severely.

What is causing the severe lags of the latest chrome os-release?

When using the Diagnostics app, it becomes clear that some process is causing the CPU to freeze up, resulting in unexpectedly high processor utilisation, sometimes reaching 100%. That doesn’t leave much room for other things to happen.  According to one user, CPU use can reach 100% with the clock speed decreasing to 0.80GHz, which is a fraction of the power accessible on most current Chromebooks.

latest Chrome OS
latest Chrome OS

Even simple tasks like typing, browsing the UI, and opening apps, according to some users, seem to bring the PC to a standstill. 

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How to check if your device is affected or not?

We’ve only received reports from devices with grunt and hatch boards, though not everyone who was affected provided enough information to narrow it down to these two boards alone; additional devices could be affected. Visit Google’s website and search for your device’s name, or type chrome:/version into your Chromebook’s URL bar and look for the codename at the end of the Platform item.


In any event, regardless of which Chromebook you’re using, we recommend being careful about this Chrome OS update and waiting a few days. It’s feasible that Google will rescind the upgrade and issue a quick fix. If you haven’t already updated to Chrome OS 91, you might want to wait until Google has fixed or recognised the performance concerns. If you are already affected, temporarily switching to the Beta channel may help. To provide feedback to Google, press ALT + Shift + I before switching.

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