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Robert Downey Sr. Filmmaker Dies at the age of 85, in New York

The father of Ironman and the father of Hollywood is no more. 

Filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. Dies at 85 after losing to Parkinson’s for more than five years. The senior director died in peace at his home while sleeping in Newyork. The news broke recently and we all are saddened by the going of the veteran filmmaker. 

Robert Downey sr. ‘s statement on his father’s death.

Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. stalled after learning of the death of his father, accomplished filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. Robert Downey Jr. announced on Instagram that his father, Robert Downey Sr., died in his sleep late Tuesday night at their New York home. For over five years, he had Parkinson’s disease.

 Downey Jr. stated, “He was a true maverick filmmaker who remained remarkably optimistic throughout.” “They had been happily married for just over 2000 years, according to my stepmother’s calculations.” He wrote all this while sharing an early handsome photo of his father in black and white. Reading all this makes us know how heartbroken our favourite avenger star would be feeling.

Early life Robert Downey sr.

Born on 24 June 1936 in manhattan, the filmmaker changed his name in New York City under the name of Robert Elias Jr. to honour his stepfather James Downey and when he sought to join the United States Army but was too young.

Downey Sr, after completing his work at Greenwich Village, lived with his sister. At that, he developed a liking and love for theatre and cinema. 

He began exploring ways in films. He wanted to establish cinema as his career. He knew that it was his calling and clearly he was not wrong. He started his career by writing and directing the 1961 short film “Ball’s Bluff.”

In 1968, the film was followed by classic hip hops such as “Babo 73” in 1964, “Chafed Elbows” (1966), and “No More Excuses.”

But in 1969, he received recognition from the movie “Putney Swope.”  The veteran director had three marriages.

In 1962 he married actor Elsie Anne Downey and had two kids: Allyson Downey and Robert Downey Jr.

The filmmaker married actor Laura Ernst, who died in 1994 after his divorce of Anne Downey, in 1975. Later on, he married the best-selling author Rosemary Rogers.


Notable works of Sir Downey

Beginning with Ball’s Bluff (1961), a fantasy short about a Civil War soldier who awakens in Central Park in 1961. He made his big-budget debut with the surreal Greaser’s Palace (1972). His most recent film was Rittenhouse Square (2005), a documentary about life in a Philadelphia park.

Downey’s films were frequently family events. Elsie, his first wife, a brilliant actor, acted in four of his films (Chafed Elbows, Pound, Greaser’s Palace, and Moment to Moment) and also co-wrote one (Moment to Moment). 

At the ages of 7 and 5, respectively, Allyson and Robert Jr. made their film debut in the 1970 absurdist comedy Pound; Allyson would go on to appear in one more film by her father, Up the Academy. 

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After debuting in his father’s films, Robert gave killer performances in 7 more films entitled to his father. 

Downey was a Showbiz superstar who built a reputation for himself with progressive, anti-establishment cinema like the low-budget Madison Avenue advertising industry satire “Putney Swope.”

He also gave breathtaking performances, portraying as Thomas Bateman in “To Live and Die in L.A.”, the studio manager in “Boogie Nights,” and the show director in “Magnolia.”

With the death of Robert Downey sr. It’s absolutely the end of a legacy. Many film actors have shown sorrow regarding his departure.

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