U.S. States Files AntiTrust Lawsuit Against Google [2021]

Wednesday, a new entry was made to the court dockets of District Court in the Northern District of California as dozens of state attorney generals filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

Even though the complaint wasn’t immediately available, the court docket revealed the antitrust suit was led by Utah, then New York & other states.

But WHY? Let’s find out

Why Northern District of California has Filed Lawsuit Against Google?

Be it Google or any other Big Tech, US Antitrust Law was set to make massive changes. However, before that could happen dozens of US State attorneys have filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google in Federal Court.

This has happened after Google was found to be the culprit of violating antitrust law in running its app store on Android Phones.

Even though Google’s Play Store is considered to be more open than Apple’s app store, the former has been taken to the court because of mismanagement of its app store.

U.S. States Files Anti Trust
U.S. States Files Anti Trust

Here are those reasons:

✅Google requires the apps & games to use the company’s own payment tools.

✅Developers have to pay 30% of the total revenue to Google.

✅Google bans apps with objectionable content from its Play Store.

Over the years, Google keeps getting criticized by app developers. And when Google said to enforce these policies by September, all hell break loose.

That’s why now you can see dozens of US State Attorneys filing an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

That’s all for now.

Even though, the trial for Justice Department’s antitrust law against Google will take place sometime in 2023, what’s your take on this latest antitrust lawsuit filed in the Federal Court by the multiple U.S. States? Do share your thoughts in the comments section given below.

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