Los Angeles county reports fresh 326 cases: News update 

No matter how hard America is trying to get rid of Coronavirus, they seem to have a tight grip of the deadly illness over them. Every week, every other county is reporting an increased number of cases. 

The terrible news today is about everyone’s favorite choice of holiday venue, Los Angeles. Last week alone Los Angeles recorded several new cases of Covid 19 with a 7-Day Daily Average: 1.23%. The highest being whooping 326 positive cases in a single day. 

3 New mortalities were also reported in a single day. It’s a big number that citizens and the government should be afraid of.

Status of Covid in the L A County

The fresh cases recorded Tuesday brought the overall number of illnesses reported in the county to 1,253,065.

Another three COVID-19 deaths were reported on Tuesday, bringing the total number of COVID-19 deaths in the county to 24,507. According to state data, 73 patients were in intensive care on Tuesday, up from 65 the day before. 275 people were hospitalised in Los Angeles County due to COVID-19 as of Tuesday, up from 273 on Monday. 

The county’s recent trends in daily infections and testing positivity, according to health officials, have been spurred by the upsurge in COVID-19 variants, — in particular the infective Delta variant.  According to the California Department of Public Health, it seems to have become the state’s most detected coronavirus strain, accounting for 35.6 percent of the variants analyzed in June, a huge rise from May’s figure of 5.6 percent.

245 cases of the “Delta” variant were reported in the county on Thursday, nearly equivalent to the number from the preceding week. The county only performs the necessary sequencing tests to find the variants, so the number cannot be inferred across the population, but “Delta” has emerged as the most prevalent variant identified in the county.

Vaccination status in LA

More than 10.4 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been conducted. According to the most recent data, 59 percent of residents aged 16 and up are fully vaccinated, while 68 percent have received at least one dose. Seniors have a higher rate of vaccination, with 76 percent fully vaccinated and 87 percent having received at least one dose. Although from a winter/spring high of almost 500,000 doses per week in the region, weekly rates of vaccination have stalled to far less than 60,000. Vaccinations amongst those Black community, which is also feeling the strain of new COVID infections and hospitalizations, tend to fall. 

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

“The shield of people who cannot be vaccinated is to align them with vaccinated people, including 1,3 million children under the age of 12,” she said. “We have already seen rising cases among even our youngest children as the transmission of communities increases. Please take a minute to get the vaccination pretty shortly if you are 12 or older and about younger children if you haven’t yet made this happen. Let’s keep one another safe.” Said the public health director.  

In places where COVID-19 vaccinations are greater, COVID-19 transfer has collapsed and is still limited. While vaccination rates continue to rise across the county of L.A., COVID-19 and concern variants such as Delta remain a threat to everybody without vaccination.


Data posted every day are tentative and subject to modification. Data changes every day as and when fresh cases are reported. Authorities should take strict steps to ensure an effective vaccination drive in the county and by laying down measures to prevent the spread of infection. 

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