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Donald Trump, the Country’s former president’s team, has quietly launched a Twitter look-alike app called gettr. Right after the launch, it was exploded by users registering on it. Here’s what more to know…

However, it was unclear in the beginning if the launch was the former president’s long-promised endeavour to provide his millions of supporters with their very own social media sanctuary or simply one more push to construct a MAGA alternative to the key sites. But now it has been cleared that Trump has no share in the app 

What is the new app?

The website, branded GETTR, claimed to be “fighting to cancel culture, promoting common sense, protecting free expression, attacking social media monopolies, and building a true marketplace of ideas,” according to its core mission. The app was under a beta testing phase and went live on July 4th at 10 a.m.

Who’s behind Gettr? 

Jason Miller, Trump’s former spokesman, verified the platform’s leadership through text. Tim Murtaugh, a former Trump campaign spokesman, is a consultant on the app.

He claims he is one of those who are against any kind of social media censorship and does not mind if the president’s name is being used on a new app he has created. However, he had to get creative when he tried to come up with a way to keep track of all the Twitter activity of Donald Trump himself.

Is there any share of Trump in Gettr?

GETTR is one of the most high-profile ventures in a wider system of pro-MAGA software and social media platforms that has sprung up on the right, fuelled in part by a perception that Big Tech is trying to prevent conservative and pro-Trump ideology from spreading online. It has been heavily found in recent days that Trump’s team was looking for a site to re-establish his online presence, either by purchasing a company fully and renaming it as his platform or by becoming a featured attraction. 

Trump has been said to be exploring creating his own social network in recent months. Since Twitter disbarred him and Facebook froze his account for two years, the former president has been looking for a new platform.

These acts were in reaction to Trump’s tweets before and following the siege on the US Capitol. But after the release, it’s obvious that Trump is still on the quest to make his independent social media platform. 

The Trump team’s alternative to Twitter

The name of the new app for the president-elect, gettr, stands for “Get the Truth” and is listed as an app on Apple’s App Store. Gettr promises to provide the “real message of the campaign.” If the name is making your head spin, this newly launched app is said to look like Twitter, but with new designs and new features. 


What’s up with Gettr now?

Right after the launch, the app was flooded with fake accounts of notable personalities, including Donal Trump himself. 

Numerous profiles, including Pauline Hanson, Peter Dutton, Andrew Bolt, and Pete Evans, ostensibly belong to Australian prominent figures and political representatives.

A representative for Pauline Hanson, like Minister Dutton, has rejected the account linked to the senator.

None of them were genuine, according to the platform.

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Destiny of Gettr?

Although the destiny of this small start-up platform may appear to be a diversion, its success or failure will be a key sign of where social media is headed

Trump’s former spokesperson Jason Miller described it as “quietly launched,” a nice way of expressing something so mundane and conventional that it’s unclear if it’s poised to be spotted. Its App Store listing has grammatical problems. Trump doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account.

Gettr is not for everyone. It’s for the people who like Trump and his message and they’re willing to give him their attention.

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