Surgeon Simulator Launches for Steam, Xbox: In September 

In a world, well it’s just a medical facility really, where one person is really really really REALLY sick. A ‘medical drama like no other. Four surgeons. Three scalpers. 1 lung. Zero time off. There’s no ‘I’ in medical faculty! 

Do you need more hints or these above are enough to officially tell you Surgeon Simulator 2 is finally coming?

Everything is finalized, are you ready for the surgery? 

Bossa Studios has officially revealed that the holders of Xbox Series X/S and Xbox one can soon join the medical facility and help save Bob from Surgeon Simulator 2.

The Access All Areas edition of the game comes on Xbox and steam with a “year of updates, new gameplay, and some awesome improved models for characters.” Surgeon Simulator 2 works with 4K / 60 FPS and supports smart delivery on Xbox series X / SS. The Epic Games Store and Steam have cross-play support.

You can already wishlist on steam right away. Follow this article for a deep dive into the game. 

What’s Surgeon Simulator?

Although the word “simulator” is in its title, Surgeon Simulator certainly does not aim to provide accreditation of organ extraction from the human body. The whole game is dead Funny. It’s for those, who can’t bear with the ‘basic games’ anymore. Surgeon Simulator is awesome and again, it’s dead funny! 


Surgeon Simulator 2 is a birdbrained simulator game that lets up to four players conduct wholly misleading foolish operations. An unbelievably stupid game in which players are able to do surgery on vulnerable patients with less than precise results. The game can enable up to four players to execute a lot of issues, typically requiring very erroneous surgery on a weak guilty party patient. Surgeon Simulator 2 is about pure dumb enjoyment and it comes with wands.

Tip: Play it with your besties for more fun. 

The theme of the game 

The developer primarily designed it as a part of a game jam and was captivated by the horrendous controller of Jurassic Park Trespasser. Finally,

After a stage of rapid access development, Surgeon Simulator 2, a remake of the 2013 YouTube hit, started exclusively mostly on the Epic Games store in 2020. The first game’s visual style will be significantly upgraded and a mixed online, user-generated and story-driven campaign will be added.

Separate fingers are assigned to separate keyboard buttons for one hand, making effective surgery almost unthinkable for several players looking for a good chuckle. Surgeon Simulator has launched new variants on smartphones, handhelds and VRs since its first appearance. Players have also managed a way around to play it on PC. 

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The initial success of the game at Steam resulted in a successful rib-tickling series of physics games.  It will be the first time the update comes to the console with purposefully tough controls. The developer has also indicated that the add-ons for Access All Areas will be released simultaneously. 

Release info

Surgeon Simulator 2 will be up for grabs on Xbox series X/S, Xbox One and Steam from 2 September 2021. It will also be running on the PC from the epic game store.   


Do you have a kidney to take medicine to the next level? 

Well, literally that’s what they say in the trailer! 

Following the exclusive brief run as an Epic, Surgeon Simulator 2 finally arrives on Steam and makes its franchise debut with a new trailer confirming the date for the Xbox One and the X/S series on 2 September. In this latest platform of Access All Areas, the four playable surgeons of the game also gain a facelift, ideal for those who play the current-gen version in full 4K at 60 FPS Xbox Series.

The game is loaded with a year of Epic Games Store updates, such as a choice of map data and advanced features created by the user. Prepare for an unbelievable unscientific operation, Are you ready for the insanely stupid surgery? 

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