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Myndplay: Mind Control Headset Launching On Kickstarter

The MyndHub product is being launched on Kickstarter by MyndPlay, which produces a mind-controlled video platform and headgear. The MyndBand EEG Brainwave headgear and the MyndPlayer interactive mind-controlled video platform are both created by MyndPlay, a UK-based startup. When used together, these technologies allow users to control platforms using their brainwaves.

Previously, MyndPlay has developed the MyndBand and MyndPlayer technology that works in conjunction with EEG, in a handheld device. Using only the technology that is already around and packaged in a wristband, users can control their device using their brainwaves. Looks like, with the coming of the innovative headgear, Myndplay does not intend to stop an innovation game. MyndPlay is launching the MyndHub product after previously collaborating with a slew of broadcasters, creative agencies, and consumer brands, and even launching a study project with Barco utilizing brain input to assess meeting success.

How does it work

The company’s MyndBand EEG headset, which is billed as the world’s first research-grade customizable EEG neurofeedback headset, is included in the MyndHub solution. Brain training and neurofeedback are increasingly seen as critical future technologies.MyndBand monitors brainwave activity using a single dry sensor on the forehead and two sensors on the ears, which may be sent through Bluetooth to a computer, tablet, or phone. The gadget monitors and measures brain wave waves in a safe manner. This allows the brainwave controller to remain completely undetectable and undetectable to the user. It works via the MyndPlay mobile app, which then connects to the headband via Bluetooth.

Features of the device

MyndHub will allow users to move, spin, fly and alter linked gadgets while also improving focus and relaxation skills in the brain. 

What is MyndPlay’s Goal?

MyndPlay’s core product, MyndBand, is a head-mounted EEG headset with electrodes that record brainwaves. This allows users to create, track, and share audio or video content using the Mind-Based Video Platform (MBVP). The MyndPlayer app works with the Mind-Based Video Platform, as well as MyndPlayer. The MBVP is being created by some of the best brains in the field, experts who have worked with DARPA, Pentagon, DARPA, the British Army, the UK, Australia, and Israel, says MyndPlay.

Accessibility of the device 

Although the MyndBand is compatible with all Neurosky programs and devices, iOS phone and tablet users will not be able to get raw data through BLE.


The Myndplay Myndband EEG Headset SDK is also available for desktop, mobile, and virtual reality apps. The Myndplay Myndband EEG Headset is also available in Cap form, or you can just purchase the cap developed particularly for the Brainband XL Headset, whichever suits you. 

Trailer information 

MyndHub is Jedi brain training technology, according to a teaser on YouTube from MyndPlay. “It’s a tool that allows any product to be controlled by the mind in seconds, that’s what myndhub is basically. MyndHub converts your brain power into energy, allowing it to travel from your brain to your gadget, using the data it collects.

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The world of technology is steadily becoming more mainstream and has started to reach the masses. More advanced technologies, especially in terms of headgears are being released every year and with it, new companies are being established and professional products are being created. The market continues to grow. 

With MyndPlay focusing on the video game industry and the development of mind-controlled video platforms, a strong market opportunity for its products is at hand. The headgear and MyndHub allow users to use their brainwaves to control a head-mounted display and interact with other devices. Based on the 3D printing market data, steady growth in demand is expected as consumer and enterprise adoption increases.

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