Amazon’s online store down for several users globally: Now up and Working latest news 

Sunday was a terrible day for the die-hard Amazon shoppers as the store was technically down for a significant amount of time. Interestingly, the website of outage monitoring, Inc, the second significant service interruption since late June, had conflicted with widespread outages on Sunday night. 

What did these users see on the screen?

In the online shop, error messages were displayed on several regional fields. The products listed in the United States, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Singapore could not be reached by users. 

Amazon’s take on the whole issue

 “We’re sorry some of our customers have problems shopping. We appreciate your patience in working to solve the problem,” said an Amazon spokesman.

Amazon chose not to respond nearly immediately to comment on this story on the point of the service Inc (AMZN.O) announced that its online stores had resumed normal operations following a global outage that disrupted shopping on its country sites.


“Some customers may have encountered problems while shopping.” “We have fixed the problem, and everything is back to normal,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

The spokesperson would not comment on the cause of the outage.

Is Amazon working now?

Some of the domains were back online as of 0400 GMT. So yes, you can now shop with ease as you already would. 

Amazon’s history with the same problem

Last month, Amazon was also impacted by a widespread downtime triggered by Fastly, a cloud computing service provider based in the United States that runs a don’t not delivery network (CDN) used by Amazon and other websites. Many highly regarded websites such as Reddit, Twitter, Quora, GitHub, Spotify, and Twitch, were affected. The nature of the problem affecting the sites was not immediately clear.

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Over 38,000 user reports indicated problems with the online store site of Amazon, while nearly 500 users reported Amazon web services problems. Approximately 80% of the reported issues were with its website, 15% with log-ins, and 5% with its check-out services. In India, According to Downdetector, over 6,200 user sources report troubles with Amazon’s online store site, while approximately 1,700 users reported problems with Prime Video and over 400 with Alexa.DownDetector monitors outages on its platform by the aggregating status report from various sources, including user-submitted errors. The outage could have impacted a large number of users.



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