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Animal kingdom season 5 Release date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

How did you first hear about Animal Kingdom? Was it a long time ago, or was it much later? Regardless of when it happened, chances are you’ve been telling all of your loved ones about it ever since. It has earned a loyal following among viewers over the years, excited to see it return in 2021 for a new round of episodes. Animal Kingdom is an American criminal serial drama television series built on the same-named film from 2010. David Michod and Liz Watts, the film’s director and producer, are the two executive producers. On June 14, 2016, the show premiered on TNT. The fourth season, which began on May 28, 2019, is the most recent. Animal Kingdom Season 5 has been anticipated by followers since the contentious cliffhanger finale of Season 4. Well, it looks like the wait is finally over.

Release date

The sitcom was renewed for a fifth season by TNT in July 2019. It’s been over a year since that news broke, and we’ve finally got the season. Due to the epidemic, filming for Season 5 was ceased in March 2020. On September 7, 2020, it began again. 

Smacks on Covid-19, which put a halt to creating several performances and had viewers wait an excessive amount of time. Season five filming was finally completed on December 11, 2020. Season 5 of Animal Kingdom has already premiered on July 11, 2021. It is continuing on its regular schedule, which means a new episode will be released every Sunday. So, you can tune in already. 


All of the programme’s central characters have returned for Season 5 as expected. These are the heart and soul of the show. The following are the main characters from Animal Kingdom who are featured in the fifth season.


The majority of you are probably wondering why Leila George is playing Smurf. As you may be aware, the elder Smurf, played by Ellen Barkin, is shown to be deceased in the Season 4 finale. As a result, she will no longer be seen. Instead, Leila George is cast as the younger Smurf in Season 5. (Janine Cody).

Angela and Billy, on the other hand, will no longer be recurring characters. Instead, they’ll be the season’s main attraction. Moving on to the Season 5 characters who make a recurring appearance. These are, as mentioned in Fandom:


The animal kingdom show’s plot centres around Joshua, a seventeen-year-old teenager played by Finn Cole. Joshua moves to live with his relatives, the Codys, after his mother passes away. The Codys are a criminal family led by Smurf. Joshua also joins their company. Officer Leckie tries to assist Joshua in getting out of this shady situation. Then, after Season 4, we see Smurf being shot and killed.

It about a broken family involved in a lot of crime; season 5 will see more family drama and crime take over this family. Now that the first episode is already out, we have got the hint for the whole season. You can even watch the trailer here for yourself. 

The Cody family has been through much bloodshed, money, and turmoil over the years, and Season 5 promises to be even more suspenseful.

We learn near the close of Season 4 of “Animal Kingdom” that Smurf has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is planning an extravagant last robbery that will allow her to die on her terms. Things don’t go as planned in the Cody family, and the entire family is forever changed. Let’s look at what happened at the end of Season 4 and what the Cody family has in store for Season 5.

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There’s already a significant shift in the family’s hierarchy as well as their overall dynamic. So far, what we know about season 5, In terms of plot, the synopsis states that Pope is in charge of Smurf’s remains, while Craig and Renn try to balance their old lives in the face of becoming parents. Meanwhile, J gets a new job through an old acquaintance, and Deran struggles to move on from his relationship with Adrian.

Tune in to TNT to watch the whole concept! 

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