Modern Love Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer and Much More

Modern Love is an American romantic comedy anthology series, based on the weekly column of the same name published by the New York Times that premiered on Amazon Prime Video on October 18, 2019. Modern Love was very much appreciated by the fans and it was almost worth watching. Modern Love also touched the peak of various rating platforms like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. It got a very decent rating by the audience on IMDb i.e. 8/10. 

Now fans are eagerly hunting for its second season. Is the show coming back with another fabulous series? If yes, then when? Here, in this article we will share the latest updates regarding its arrival date, cast, plot and trailer and much more. Read below to know more about Modern Love Season 2.

Is the show coming back with another season?

Here, we have very good news to share with you all that Modern Love Season 2 is coming back with its season 2. In October 2019, the series was renewed for a second season. So, fans will not need to wait any longer and need to speculate whether a new season will come or not because it is happening and is finally revealed by the film makers.

Is there any release date?

Yes, here we have good news for you all that makers have officially revealed the release date of the upcoming season that it will be made available on 13th August, 2021. Well the trailer is already in which itself cleared the date of release of season 2. Is there any new faces to the show if yes, and then who are they? Is anyone leaving the show? In the next section we will update you regarding its cast and new faces to the show.

Modern Love Season 2: Who will be starring in the upcoming season?

As per the official sources it is revealed that most of the notable characters of the show will appear again in the upcoming season of Modern Love season 2. Here, we have phenomenal characters  from the show scroll down to know your favorite character.

  • Anne Hathaway as Lexi
  • Tina Fey as Sarah
  • Andy Garcia as Michael
  • Dev Patel as Joshua
  • Sofia Boutella as Yasmine
  • Olivia Cooke as Karla
  • Julia Garner as Maddy
  • Catherine Ceeper as Julie
  • Cristin Milioto as Maggie
  • Gary Carr as Jeff
  • Andre Scott as tobin
  • Shea Wigham as Peter

However, regarding the new faces, makers have not made any official announcements. So it will be difficult to predict new faces. Although, in most of the cases if a new season comes then more new faces are also seen. So we can predict there can be additions to the cast team so it is a waiting game to know who else will be a part of the upcoming season.

As we know, the makers have finally revealed that season 2 is happening and it led to a centre of talk about its storyline among the fans. Now they are curiously looking for its plot. What will be the plot all about? Whether it will follow the first season or not? Here, we will make you know about its plot.


As we have mentioned, Modern Love is an anthology series, so the makers will not be picking up any storylines from its previous season. Although, we can expect some similar tales of love, loss, romance, comedy and heartbreak. Till now, no plot line is revealed from the side of the makers however, if you want to get some hints you may go through the articles in the popular New York Times column. 

You will get a number of clues. But for the official updates fans will have to wait for a bit longer. As the makers announce any official plotline for the upcoming season then we will update this section at earliest. Till then stay connected with us.

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Modern Love Season 2: Is the trailer out for season   2?

The trailer is already in. You can check it out on several platforms. The show revealed that the story is going to take a lot of turns and twists in the upcoming season. So, we have to be ready to explore much more fascination in the coming season.

If you want to refresh the memories of season 1, enjoy it on Amazon Prime Video, till the next season comes in the frame.

Final Words

The show is much awaited by the enthusiasts because of the dramatic story. Now the date of release has been shared, that is 13th of August, 2021. So just save the date to get back into the exciting story. You can see and enjoy the upcoming season and comment about season 1 and what can be the plot of season 2 as well. Till then stay tuned with us. We will keep updating you with tons of new updates on your favorite shows..

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