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Robert Downery Jr. All Set To Cast In ‘The Sympathizer’ HBO TV Series

Howdy, Roberts fans, How’s life going? Not so good? Ready to spice it up? Because Robert Downey, our heartthrob, is coming back to kick everyone off. Want to know more? Read on! 

Robert Downey Jr. appears to have unearthed his upcoming significant novel’s climax, officially packing Jarvis in Avengers: Endgame, all while flagging his first starrer TV endeavor.

The action star will star alongside various villains in an HBO series modification of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Pulitzer-winning biblical spy novel The Sympathizer. The plot revolves around a standard French and Vietnamese spy for North Vietnam at the Novel’s climax, who later follows a South Vietnamese community to the United States. The Sympathizer television adaption is a co-production between HBO, A24, and Rhombus Media, with Cinetic Media and Moho Film.

Possible Storyline of the series

The novel is a cross-cultural satire and spy thriller about the tribulations of a half-French, half-Vietnamese leftist agent primarily throughout the waning hours of the Vietnam War and his subsequent banishment in the United States. The Sympathizer follows an anonymous South Vietnamese army captain who is a hidden communist and a Viet Cong spy. In 1975, he fled Saigon for Southern California, where he became involved with the exile group and worked as a cultural adviser for an American war film. Later, he is recruited to return to Vietnam for a communist ambush.

The Sympathizer’

 The novel has also been likened to the writings of Kafka, Orwell, and le Carré. It has been characterized as a “blistering investigation of identification and America, a compelling spy novel, and a powerful saga of love and joy.”

Main Cast and crew of the show

Actors for the lead part and the main characters are now being sought. The principal actor is being sought from worldwide, and the cast will be primarily Vietnamese.

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Downey will portray various side characters, each of whom will symbolize a distinct branch of the American establishment. A young Orange County congressman, a CIA operative, and a Hollywood film director are among the key enemies. With showrunners Don McKellar and Park Chan-Wook, Downey Jr. will co-star alongside a character who has yet to be cast in the series. Even yet, seeing Downey Jr. in a supporting part on such a high-profile television show will be thrilling. Park Chan-wook, who directed the cult classic “Oldboy” as well as films like “Stoker” and “The Handmaiden,” is directing, executive producing, and co-show running with Don McKellar. 

Meanwhile, look at our hero’s excitement

Mr. Nguyen’s vital and brilliant work necessitates a visionary team, according to Robert Downey. “I expect this to be a creative producing experience for Susan, me, and Team Downey, as well as a fascinating process for myself in playing these difficult supporting roles, with director Park at the helm. A24 and HBO make an excellent team of partners and co-parents. It’s exactly the kind of challenge I’ve been looking for, and I’m confident we’ll provide our viewers with an unforgettable viewing experience.”

For the first time, Downey will be seen in the film since the critically panned animal fantasy film Dolittle in 2020, but he has a comedy film, All-Star Weekend, due out this year. After considering various offers in search of his next job, the actor chose The Sympathizer because of its “great plot” and the chance to showcase his Oscar-nominated acting abilities once more. 

The show could be out by the end of 2022 or starting in 2023 as production and filming take longer than expected. 

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