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Fortnite Leak Reveals a Feature

There has been a new Fortnite leak that reveals an innovative feature that could change the game. The Fortnite leaker HypeX suggested that either Season 7 or Season 8 would see the addition of “rideable wildlife.”  Until now, this has not occurred, but there is still plenty of time for it to happen. A new leaked feature was posted by HypeX since then. If related to the previous leaked feature, this one could be a game-changer.

‘Avian’ is a new wildlife animal Epic is working on beneath the codename Aeron, from the name of it, it will probably be the first flying animal in Fortnite,” said HypeX. However, this is not his name, rather it is a codename.

In the weeks to come, players of Fortnite Battle Royale will experience a lot of new content. Now that Epic Games has returned from the summer break, they are ready to get started again! Fortnite players are very excited about recent Fortnite leaks revealing some upcoming content. Fortnite leak reveals on bringing a popular Season X feature back. During this season, which was the final one of Chapter 1, players were able to visit Rift Zones. A new version of the game seems to be rolling out with this feature. 

‘Fortnite’ leak shows popular feature returning

Hyperx, one of the biggest Fortnite leakers, revealed Epic’s plans to bring back Rift Zones. Zones with permanent map changes bring older places back to the island, but in an interesting way. A Rift Zone, Greasy Grove, was added back to the game as a mode of attack, while within it players were forced to dance periodically, so they would regain health. There were some fun nostalgic places in Rift Zones, such as Moisty Mire, Retail Row, Starry Suburbs, and others. Moreover, Epic Games utilized this feature as well as the Pandora Rift Zone in the Borderlands franchise’s Season X. 

Rift Zones are predicted to appear in Chapter 2 of Season 7 according to Hyperex.  Furthermore, there will be four distinct types of zones. Prop Disguise will be one of them, but it will only be limited to a few items, such as a mailbox and a telescope. In Season X, players are familiar with Rift Zones such as Moisty Palms and Prop Disguise.

Older places making a comeback?

The majority of Fortnite Battle Royale players would love to visit some old locations once again. The fact that Rift Zones will return to the game could help make this happen. It will be exciting and thrilling for most players if Epic Games decides to bring back old places through Rift Zones. 

Even though the Chapter 2 map has undergone numerous revisions, the truth is that only the central part has changed. Everything else has pretty much remained unchanged, and that is an aspect that Rift Zones could potentially improve. Fornite players expect to see the v17.20 update on Tuesday, July 27. Game files that are included with this update might reveal upcoming content for the popular video game.


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Taking advantage of both of these leaks will earn you flying mounts. The question is whether either of these players will be able to make it to the game. Please take this information with a grain of salt at the moment because it is unofficial and laced with speculation.

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