Daughter from Another Mother Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Recently, Netflix, the biggest streaming service in the world, aired a Mexican series called Daughter from Another Mother. As the title suggests, the comedy-drama series follows the lives of two mothers who decide to unite their families and live together after realizing that their babies were accidentally interchanged at birth. In January 2021, Netflix released the first season of Daughter of Another Mother, consisting of 9 episodes. Check out this article to learn more about this popular Mexican series and whether or not there will be a season 2 of it?

Daughter from Another Mother Season 2: Plot

Daughter From Another Mother’s season finale featured the most melodramatic baptism ever. Several secrets were revealed at the event, and several relationships were inevitably destroyed. In the wake of her revelation, Ana found out her husband Juan Carlos was cheating on her with Mariana’s mother, Teresa, and, knowing Mariana knew, removed her from the family home. Now that Mariana is independent of Pablo-after trying to rekindle things with him by staying with him, but failed-the next season will likely follow her wherever she goes, and how she attempts to salvage both Ana and Valentina’s relationships, whom Mariana had to leave behind.

Ana will certainly need to confront either the fact that she was divorced or the fact that she was a single mother, as well as letting Mariana back into her life for a while. It seems like season 2 will also reveal what her biopsy results were-a cliffhanger fans can’t get over regardless of what happens next. Possibly, the series will take a more depressing turn, but perhaps it will only motivate her to concentrate more on the present and the people in her life. Regardless of how things turn out, there’s more for the show to explore in terms of its sexuality, since Mariana has become more accepting of herself and of her motherhood.

When is the release date for Daughter From Another Mother Season 2?

There is no official announcement regarding Daughter From Another Mother’s Season 2 renewal. Due to the global impact of the pandemic on TV production, it is especially tricky right now. The series may be back at Netflix sometime in spring 2021 if Netflix approves another episode and if the pandemic improves. New episodes might come sometime in 2022. Although it’s hard to predict exactly what will happen-take that with a (large) grain of salt.

Trailer for Daughter from Another Mother Season 2:

We hope that the trailer for season 2 will be available soon, as the trailer for season 1 was eye-catching for the audiences. Due to the storyline’s abrupt termination, viewers are impatiently waiting for the rest of the season.


Even though nothing has been confirmed, it appears that everyone will return. Fortunately, Ana and Mariana, played by Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto respectively, are taking back the motherly roles on the show. The two children of Ana, Rodrigo (Emilio Beltrán Ulrich) and Ceci (Dalexa Meneces), are also presented. The melodrama surrounding Ana’s husband Juan Carlos (Martin Altomaro) should also be resolved by the time the season is back, as should Liz Gallardo as Mariana’s mother, Teresa. Though Mariana and her daughter’s father, Pablo (Javier Ponce), are also in trouble, Cynthia (Elena del Rio) is also likely to show up soon, especially now that they’re together. It appears Oka Giner’s Elena also has some feelings for Mariana that are unspoken, so it would be interesting to see more from her. 


The real stars of the show, Regina and Valentina who are played by Melissa Salgado and Lena Morales, will probably be seen in more episodes. There is also a possibility that the show could find children who resemble them, since they will have grown up quite a bit before production starts over again. However, it’s likely they will want to keep these little stars around.

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The show has won numerous awards and is widely praised. According to IMDb, it is rated 7.4 out of 10. This show makes audiences happy, interested, sad, and enthralled all at once. Fans are anxiously anticipating the second season due to the great storyline of the first season. The main leads are giving hints that the second season is coming up for sure.

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