Living with Yourself Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

The second season of Living with Yourself will soon be available on Netflix as the comedy-drama series starring Paul Rudd garnered much critical acclaim last year. Interestingly, Rotten Tomatoes rated the TV series 84% and user rating of 7.1, which were sufficient enough to get it a second season. Also, Netflix is destined to reopen Living with Yourself with the Ant-Man lead, as it ended on a cliffhanger.  Find out when Living with Yourself season 2 will be released on Netflix, what the trailer looks like, the cast, and plot spoilers.

Living with Yourself Season 2’s plot: how will it unfold?

The second season of Living With Yourself will certainly be more intense. The first season of the show introduced us to Miles Elliot, a very pessimistic and unhappy person who decides to risk his family’s savings for a treatment from a spa that promises to change his life for the better against better judgment. Having awoken buried in a forest, he excavates his way out, and his clone with him has replaced him. It is a better, more complete version of Miles in all respects. 

As a husband, he is optimistic, he is driven, and he is affectionate towards Kate, his wife. In the course of the episode, the secret about Mile’s clone has been revealed, and the three of them have settled on a living arrangement to put matters in order. However, things ended up going awry, and Kate ended up sleeping with Mile’s clone. 

After the end of Season 1, Kate announced she was pregnant, and it would be impossible to determine who was the father between Miles and the clone, having the same DNA. A hug was shared between Kate, Miles, and the clone at the end of the first season. Is that an indication they’re ready to start a family? However, how awkward would that be?


The whole story would be fantastic if we got all the answers in season 2. It would be spectacular to see the cloned Miles and his clone collaborate on raising the child in season 2, assuming that it ever gets recommissioned. Is Miles still insecure about his clone who is better in so many ways? 

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 Living with Yourself Season 2 cast consists of:

Paul Rudd is returning to play Miles Elliot and his clone, and he will be joined by the following key cast members:

  • Paul Rudd as Miles Elliot
  • Aisling Bea as Kate Elliot
  • Alia Shawkat as Maia
  • Desmin Borges as Dan
  • Karen Pittman as Lenore Pool
  • Zoe Chao as Kaylyn
  • Rob Yang as Left – Yongsu
  • James Seol as Right – Jung-Ho

Watch the new Living with Yourself season 2 trailer and learn about the upcoming release date:

Netflix hasn’t announced the release date for Living with Yourself Season 2 yet, so it will likely take them some time to begin production. At the moment, Rudd is working on Ant-Man 3 and other projects, but once he has time on his schedule, the filming for Living with Yourself 2 will begin. The season 2 premiere of Living With Yourself is expected to take place in late 2020 or early 2021. The trailer is expected to be released 3-4 months prior to the premiere.


Consequently, the show’s future is likely to be determined solely by Paul Rudd and whether he signs on for a second season. In the meantime, check out some other shows. The show is currently on a permanent hiatus, so you shouldn’t get your hopes up for a second season. Is it possible for Netflix to release more seasons of Living with Yourself?

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