This is us season 6: Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer (All Update)

The season 5 conclusion of This Is Us concluded on a very dramatic tone, and in the most unanticipated conceivable way. Dan Fogelman, the show’s creator, has revealed some details about the upcoming This Is Us Season 6 of the show. If you’re a fan of the hit NBC series as much as we are, you’re certainly curious when ‘this is us Season 6’ will premiere. After THAT conclusion, guys, we want explanations. We’ve chuckled and wept with Kate, Kevin, and Randall, as well as their parents, Jack and Rebecca, during the last five years, so the idea of a future without any of these seems inconceivable.

All of your flashback concerns will purportedly be fulfilled, as will all of the show’s previous plot elements, and we’ll finally get the full background of the household we’ve known and loved well overages. 

Continue reading to know all we know so far about This Is Us Season 6 if you need to start preparing (or stocking up) for the number of issues you’ll be spilling when the show’s season finale premieres.

we season 6 Release date

The premiere date for season 6 of This Is Us has yet to be determined by NBC. We do know, though, that the season isn’t on the NBC plan for the fall – it wasn’t featured in the program.

Instead, the sixth season of This Is Us will premiere in early 2022, in the middle of the season. This will allow the 18 episodes to air almost continuously until the series conclusion, which is expected to be in May 2022.


Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch the show on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes airing every Wednesday — the day after it airs in the United States.

we season 6 Cast

With Season 6 being the final season of the show, we can expect to see the entire Pearson family gather for one final bittersweet round, featuring: 

  • Milo Ventimiglia (Jack)
  •  Mandy Moore (Rebecca)
  •  Sterling K. Brown (Randall)
  •  Chrissy Metz (Kate) 
  •  Justin Hartley (Kevin)
  •  Susan Kelechi Watson (Randall’s wife Beth)
  • Chris Sullivan (Kate’s husband Toby)
  • Jon Huertas (Rebecca’s second husband Miguel)
  • Eris Baker (Randall’s daughter Tess)
  • Faithe Herman (Randall’s daughter Annie)
  •  Lyric Ross (Randall’s adopted daughter Deja)

we season 6 Plot

The main bombshell in the current finale occurred at the very end of the program, in a flash-forward around five years from now: Kate is remarrying her employer, Phillip, implying that her marriage to Toby had fallen apart. Fans want answers to a slew of concerns in the show’s final season, including what Rebecca’s future holds now that she’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and who Kevin eventually ends up with.

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The new season will be “ambitious in terms of how it jumps time, and even more adventurous than previous seasons,” with most of the focus on two-time frames we’ve seen from flash-forwards so far: a few years ahead of the current time around Kate’s marriage ceremony, and 15 years ahead with the family reunion as Rebecca becomes significantly unhealthier. Fogelman also revealed that the program will go into both of the failed relationships depicted in the finale: Kevin and Madison’s, which never materialized, and Kate and Toby’s, which will finally end at some point. 

we season 6 Trailer 

While no clip has been released by NBC which we can officially label as a Trailer of This is Us season 6, there’s something which I think you should watch. In June 2021, a preview featuring the cast wishing the show adieu bigging up how heartbreaking the last series will be—was released. In the clip, Metz promises, “The last season is going to be very great,” while Ventimiglia says, “I think the viewers can expect a lot heading into that last year.” I believe it will strike a chord with people and stay with them for a long time.” Moore, on the other hand, made an even bigger commitment when he said, “People have been staying patient…” That perseverance will undoubtedly pay off one day”.


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