White House Says Half of Total Us Population Fully Vaccinated: Recent Accomplishment

The White House announced Friday that half of the US population had been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 as inoculations grow in reaction to the coronavirus’s rapidly spreading Delta version. The White House’s Covid-19 data director, Cyrus Shahpar, made a Twitter post, “50 percent of Americans (all ages) are now completely vaccinated…Keep going!”

More than 165 million people have gotten the two-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

We can beat this, says president Joe Biden

We can overcome the Delta version just like we beat the original Covid-19,” US President Joe Biden said at the White House on Friday, adding that it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated and All of this will save lives, and it means we won’t experience the same kind of financial damage as we saw when Covid-19 first started,” he said. 

USA’s comprehensive Vaccination drive

According to the CDC, 49.9% of the US citizenry was fully vaccinated as of Thursday morning. Out of the population of 12 and older who were competent for the vaccine, 58.4 percent were fully immunized. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every two Americans was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Friday. The CDC struts for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In late May, half of all adult Americans had received all of their vaccines. According to the CDC, 165,918,256 people, or 50% of the entire population of the United States, were fully vaccinated, while 182,368,493 people, or 70.6 percent of the adult population, had received at least one dose. The achievement comes eight months after the United States began its widespread immunization campaign.

It took a quarter to jab a quarter of the population

On December 14, almost nine months ago, the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination was given. According to the CDC, it took four months to fully vaccinate a quarter of the US population (until late March) and another four and a half months to reach half. According to the most recent statistics from the CDC, an aggregate of 699,261 shots have been provided every day over the past seven days, with an average of 464,778 people initiating immunization per day.

Joe Biden’s efforts shouldn’t be ignored

Since taking office in January, President Joe Biden has pushed hard for Americans to get vaccinated, but he has met with reluctance, particularly in conservative areas of the country, with vaccination rates plummeting dramatically in April. The Biden administration has demanded that all federal employees get vaccinated or face Covid testing twice a week, in an unusually forceful stance. “There will be more to come in the days ahead,” Biden said on Friday, implying that more steps will be taken. 

White House
White House

Friday morning, the United States had jabbed out 349,787,479 shots of COVID-19 vaccination and distributed 405,102,715 doses. The vigorous immunization program had increased expectations of a return to some kind of normalcy this summer, but the Delta strain thwarted the plan.

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State of the Virus in the US

As the Delta strain expands, so does the rate of infection and fatalities. The US is reporting more than 100,000 new cases each day for the first time since February. The Delta vaccinations that have been approved in the United States are effective in preventing drastic diseases. Following a brief dip last month, immunization rates have begun to increase gradually. Because 80 percent of Americans 65 and older — the most vulnerable category — have been fully vaccinated, deaths have been climbing more slowly than cases thus far. More organizations are demanding vaccinations for all staff, and many universities are adopting vaccinations for students.

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