Aho girl season 2: Release date, Cast & Plot…

‘Aho girl’ will take you on a roller coaster ride of crazy annoying yet cute insanity, wherein one moment you have your fists tight while the next moment you’re controlling not to laugh too much. The show is incredible; characters are purely defined with due importance. There’s no menace in terms of the hotchpotch of storylines. Clean and straight comedy- That’s what you get, in Aho girl! 

When Aho girl season 1 began airing, it received hybrid acceptance. Some said it to be a ‘complete waste of art’ while others enjoyed it thoroughly, making it a binge-watch show. Soon after the show ended, Aho girls’ lovers demanded a sequel. To be precise, it’s been over three years- Is Aho girl season 2 still a thing in 2021? Let’s dig right in! 

Aho girl season 2 Release date

The series premiered on Tokyo MX 2017 and was later picked up by SUN and BS11. Crunchyroll holds exclusive rights to broadcast the anime series outside of Asia and Japan, with the Diomedea studio serving as a developer on the series. The first season, which has twelve episodes, began on September 19, 2017. At this time, no official release date has been announced regarding Aho girl season 2. Because it’s been so long, the producers have likely abandoned plans for a second season, but only God knows.

The possibility of the Aho girl season 2, according to our speculation, is roughly 20% based on various key elements such as manga status, popularity, and disc sales. However, the anime world has plenty of twists, and the manga seems to have enough source material for the second season of anime. If the show is renewed soon, the annual average will be a year, and a new season will be available in 2022-2023.

Aho girl season 2 Cast

The cast of  Aho Girl season 2 Includes mainly three characters, which are the central idea of the whole scene. 

Akuru Akutsu is a highly clever high school kid who is one of the show’s main characters. He is one of the brightest kids in his class, but he has to put up with his childhood pal Yoshika Hanabatake, a complete moron and the show’s female protagonist. Ruri Akutsu is the younger sister of Akuru Akutsu. She is a diligent elementary school student, just like her brother, who is dedicated to making the most of her life. If Season 2 comes to life,  we will witness the same crazy adventure of these two sane people tied with the moron- Yoshiko. 

Aho girl season 2 Plot

If anyone has ever said, you can’t function without your brain, knock down his senses (just kidding) and make him watch this hilarious show! Yoshiko Hanabatake, the anime’s heroine, gladly demonstrates the inverse! Her accomplishments in this profession are nothing short of remarkable. Yoshiko is a complete moron in both school and everyday life. Only a few people achieve such heights, but the world’s stupidity records can still be broken, and Yoshiko is approaching this difficult task with extraordinary zeal. 

Like the rst of her family, her mother has ruled out the possibility in her and believes she will never be capable of improving. Meanwhile, Akuru “A-Kun” Akutsu is Yoshiko’s lone friend who maintains her sobriety in line and the only person who will be able to transform her for the future. 


Despite her extraordinary mental ability, Yoshiko had a childhood pal- Akura Akutsu, the class’s best student. 

However, because they are all too far away from home, he must study in the same class as Yoshiko and learn in his spare time. As the saying goes, opposites attract! Yoshiko had every intention of marrying her friend, regardless of the circumstances.

Every minute with Yoshiko is strange, and A-Kun is forced to step outside of his comfort zone at times only to put a stop to Yoshiko’s nonsense. A remark like that would have been welcome in Akura’s adolescence when the little fool entranced him, but now that he’s wary of her offensives, he doesn’t want to marry a girl who scored zero on all of her exams.

Aho girl season 2 will bring to the table the same insane behaviour of Yoshiko and her family and friends who wasted efforts to control her. It will be fun to see if (somehow) Yoshiko manages to escape from insanity to become a ‘sane girl’, just like everybody wants her to be! 



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